Benefits Of Rising Early

While Benjamin Franklin eulogized the habit of an early bedtime and early rising, Mark Twain said, “Put no trust in the benefits to accrue from early rising, as set forth by the infatuated Franklin”. 


Mark Twain is right to a certain extent, for the fact that there are not many health benefits that are attributed directly to early rising. Yet an early rising habit should be cultivated for the reason that there are scores of other benefits that will bring to you health, wealth and wisdom!


10 important benefits of rising early 


1.   An early riser gets to see sunrise. This magnificence is repeated day after day with the splendor of glorious colors sweeping the sky and horizon. Just looking at it may make you feel energized and ready to tackle the day ahead, come what may


2.   Finding time to meditate or even say a small prayer of thanks for being alive and well to face the day, will help you approach people and events that define your day with warmth, cheer, and confidence


3.   Exercising is good at any time of the day, but doing it early helps you do it regularly. Exercise regimen allotted for some other time gets cancelled because of other appointments, visits, tasks, and so on. This is one undeniable health benefit that “accrues” from early rising!


4.   Morning is when you are undisturbed by the screeching of brakes, the loud sounds of TV and the sounds of some boisterous football game. The quiet helps you concentrate and approach your tasks with a great mindset. (If you are a writer, this is when your best comes out on that LCD screen!)


5.   The quietude of the early hour is ideal for thinking about what you plan to do for the day. Setting daily goals and accomplishing them helps you set and accomplish bigger goals in life.


6.   Starting the day by doing something enjoy, like painting, or taking a walk or maybe reading a book helps you face the day and the weeks ahead with a positive attitude.


7.   Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day. An early riser can have breakfast every day, as opposed to someone who does not have time for it. In the long run, this practice reaps rich benefits as regards health and fitness.


8.   Getting up early means getting ready on time. If there are children to look after, give them your complete attention, without feeling drowsy, helpless and at a disadvantage for not getting things ready earlier.


9.   Students who rise early are able to perform much better academically as various studies have proven. It helps them complete incomplete assignments, get ready on time and reach school college on time after a good breakfast


10.   You can leave for work or an appointment early too, without fretting on the traffic woes. Reaching on time bolsters your confidence and impresses the people with whom you interact.


Blurb: Rising early provides excellent benefits that have positive and long reaching impact on your life. The habit helps you complete your tasks to perfection and on time. Hurried and slapdash work is not a quality of early risers as they reach deadlines way ahead, besides maintaining a healthy regimen of exercise, breakfast and pursuing of work and hobbies with interest and dedication. With so much good coming out of rising early it is time all of us cultivate the habit and stick to it.

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