Benefits Of using Mint


Over centuries, mint has been used by the people in Europe, India and the Middle East in their medical cultures for its great health benefits. Mint is a perennial herb with aromatic smell used for culinary purposes. When used they leave a fresh, cooling and refreshing flavor after taste. Mint is used in beverages, syrups, jellies and even on teas.


Nutritional Ingredients of Mint


Mint is rich is manganese, vitamin A, B2, vitamin C and is rich in fibers, folate, iron, potassium and copper, calcium, phosphorus and oxalic acid. It is low in calories and 100gm of mint has only 48 calories.


Medicinal Uses of Mint


Mint for Sinus and Congestion: Benefits of using Mint on our health are manifold. Inhaling of the mint is effective at relieving of congestion problems. Problems of congestion like the sinus infections and the common cold are well taken care of by the use of the mint.



Mint for Oral Care: The teeth gets whiter from chewing the mint leaves for about once or twice a week; moreover it gives an instant fresh breath.


Mint as an Anti-Toxic Herb: The use of the mint is good at the elimination of the toxins from the body. When the mint is included in the diet in a regular basis, it works effectively on the removal of the fungus and bacteria from the body. The mint use will slow down the growth of the harmful fungi and bacteria.


How Can We Use Mint to Extract its Benefits?


Mint as Mint Tea: Mint is used in many ways as revealed by its benefits, but the most common one is when it is used in the making of the mint tea.


The herbal mint tea made with the mint is good at reduces the irritated bowel syndrome and goes further to cleansing the stomach.


The tea can be made from pouring hot water over fresh mint leaves , covering the mixture as it steeps is important to prevent the volatile oils from evaporation.


Mint is Anti-Cancerous: Over the years, it has been thought that mint may contain benefits as an anticancer food. This is because it has in it the perillyl alcohol which is a phytonutrient. This phytonutrient have been seen to prevent lung, skin and colon cancer in animals.


It contains perillyl alcohol that is useful is ceasing the growth of cancerous cells.



Mint for Headache and Asthma: Mint also has the antifungal properties which are helpful in asthma cure and many other allergic conditions. Mint is very effective in getting rid of headaches and curing it for it gives a quick relief from headaches. For the people who suffer from migraines, mint acts as a very good medicine. It is also god at in coughs and cold reliefs; in this margin, the mint helps in the clearing of the bronchi and the lungs. The use of mint helps in the curing of fever, poor digestion, ear aches and also the hiccups. For the people suffering nausea, the mint oil is very essential. Its use also cures nervous insomnia and keeps the elements of fire, air and water in control. For the great travelers who feel quite an easy during traveler can always carry mint leaves or balms which are made from the mint for they will help in the easing up in their journey.


Antiseptic Properties of Mint


Mint contains the antiseptic properties in the form of the mint oil. It is from this property that the use of the mint oil will be good in the curing of the skin diseases usually in the form of pimples and rashes. Mint is also effective as a skin cleanser when used as mint juice. This is due to its ant pruritic properties which help in curing of mosquito bites.


Mint as a Flavoring Agent



Mint is also used as a taste enhancer, it gives an excellent taste and it is used in different sauces for this purposes. Its flavor is commonly used in toothpaste, mouth fresheners, and candies and also in chewing gums. When used on tea and bread, the mint leaves happen to add a nice flavor.


Side Effects Of Mint


The benefits of using the mint are many as we from above, but it is also important to be to know when the mint can bring side effects. It is of help to know that when used in large quantities, mint can have side effects. It is therefore advised that mint consumption should be regulated to avoid the side effects that come with its high use. For instance, when using the mint during flu one should stop the consumption of the mint immediately the flu is gone.


Mint for Acne: Its natural skin cleansing property is useful in skin smoothening and curing infections thereby helping in getting rid of acne. Also it can be used in severe cases of insect bites.



Mint as a Diuretic: Due to its natural cleansing effect, mint acts as a natural diuretic.

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