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To know what is the best face cream you have to identify what is your skin type. A cream is an emulsion, which means that it is a mixture of oil and water. These oils are necessary to retain moisture in the skin. As an infant the skin is not exposed to environmental pollutants which retain the moisture of the skin. The best face cream for an oily skin type should be a gel based cream. The dry skin type needs a cream based skin care regime. A face cream is a topical amalgamation to be applied to the skin. A face cream can have various uses, it can be used to moisturize the skin, it can be used as an SPF, it can be a hydrating cream and it can be an anti wrinkle cream.


Depending on what your personalized requirement is, the best face cream for your skin is decided by dermatologists. As a moisturizer the competitors in the market for the best face cream are mac, lakme, garnier, loreal, chambor, aroma magic, shahnaaz lotion, lotus, max factor, ponds amongst many others. A moisturizer can come in a liquid base or a cream base and these products contend for the place of the best face cream amongst their customers.


A sun block is probably the most important thing in beauty kits. Without a sun block you may damage your skin and even wrinkles may occur prematurely.  A sunscreen can be as a lotion, spray or gel base. Oily skin types preferably use a gel based sun block and dry skin use a cream based sun block. The best face cream for sun protection depends on an individual’s requirement. An SPF comes in a kaleidoscope of factors ranging from 10 to 40.


Creams can be divided according to their compositions: oil in water and water in oil. Oil in water has drops of oil in the aqueous phase and water in oil composition has water dispersed in oil. Usually the best cream is the one which has the composition of water in oil as it is more moisturizing in its essence and creates a skin barrier against the oil in the atmosphere. An anti wrinkle cream is these days is of utmost requirement. An anti aging cream reduces puffiness especially around the eyes and reduces fine lines. An important component of anti wrinkle creams is retin-A and vitamin E. Both are moisturizing ingredients and reduce dark spots. An anti wrinkle cream does more than reducing fine lines and wrinkles; it hydrates the skin and destroys free radicals. Free radicals are extremely harmful for the skin and the best face cream can easily combat them. All in one face creams have cleansing and moisturizing properties and the market is loaded with them. When it comes to what is the best face cream, it’s truly for you to decide. Every individual has different skin care needs and usually the hit and trial works, go through an allergy test and then decide your personalized best face cream.

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