Best Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is the most amazing experience ever. Introducing pillows for pregnancy seems to be the best solution for helping the mother have sufficient rest and maximum comfort. A pregnancy pillow is tailor-made to alleviate your discomfort and other adverse pregnancy symptoms that you may feel, while trying to help you have plenty of sleep and rest. Getting a good pregnancy pillow is important for pregnant women if they want to minimize body pain and to sleep comfortably.

Why is pregnancy pillow needed? 

The ideal position for a pregnant woman to lie on bed is on her left side to get a good sleep. It ensures a good flow of blood and provides relief from discomfort. As you enter your third trimester, the uterus exerts excessive weight on your back which may lead to back pain and other pregnancy problems. Make sure you get full body support when you buy pregnancy pillow.

Things to look for in a pregnancy pillow

  • You will need to figure out the particular areas of your body where you experience the most discomfort. Based on your comfort you can choose from the different range of pregnancy pillows available in the market.
  • A pregnancy pillow should be flexible, so that it can be used even after the baby has arrived.
  • After delivery it can double as nursing pillow, providing support to the baby so both mommy and baby is comfortable.
  • It could be used as recliner for the infant or a chair for a toddler.
  • Pregnancy pillows with removable slip covers are considered better as you can wash them as frequently as you desire.
  • Before buying the product do make sure to get a trial for the same. The way a pillow feels in your hands would surely be different from how it will feel against your back.

Types of pregnancy pillows 

  • The simple pregnancy pillow – It is in the form of two attached pillows. It wraps your belly and at the same time your lower back, thus reducing back pain and providing support to your uterus.
  • The wedge shaped pillow – This is designed especially for supporting your heavy belly and reducing discomfort.
  • Full-length pregnancy body pillow – This 5 feet long pregnancy pillow supports your belly, back and your knees too.
  • The bean shaped pillow – Shaped like a kidney bean, this pregnancy pillow is designed to support you from under your enormous belly right to your knees. It’s dipping in comfort.
The best pregnancy pillow will provide support to the entire body and reduce the turning and tossing action of the body and will also help the body stay in alignment.
It is always better to try a few different options and then settle on the best one.

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