Biggest Signs Of Infertility

Infertility is the major problem which cause fights among the married couples due to their desperate desire of having a baby. There are lots of medical help which can sort this problem.

The basic thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that you may not conceive instantly but you must not panic. Mostly they take some time and if they do not happen immediately it is always not an indication that there exists a problem. Nevertheless, with the biological clocks moving faster, women have a tendency to begin thinking and worrying that time in fact is running out.    
Few Biggest signs of infertility include:
Irregular menstruation is the biggest signs of infertility. Amenorrhea means absence of the menstruation. If at all the women get irregular menstruation, which means she is infertile, so it is mandatory that one should get regular menstrual cycle. Amenorrhea can also be caused because of the changes in glands, organs, or the hormones. Possible causes for this is failure in ovaries, reproductive organs which is malformed, hormonal imbalance, issues in nervous system and body fat.
Miscarriages are the major signs of infertility. It is the ‘premature expulsion’ of foetus from uterus. This always does not mean the sign of ‘infertility’ because unknown issues and the genetic problems can also be the cause. If at all one experiences frequent miscarriage, that woman should opt for a reproductive system test.
Endometriosis: It is a disorder which is usually found in the ovaries, fallopian tubes of the uterus, or in the tissues of pelvis. Most of the women with good and healthy bodies get heavy period or more pain during monthly menstruation is one of the symptoms and signs of infertility. A woman with normal menstruation and having pelvic pain is in fact a sign of infertility.
Undescended testicle is one of the biggest signs of infertility.
Disease of Pelvic inflammatory: It is the bacterial infection which begins in uterus and spreads to other reproductive organs.
Stenosis: It is nothing but narrowing of Cervix which is caused by the tumours or scarring.
Low sperm count’ is one of the biggest signs of infertility. Sperm cells help in fertilizing the egg so it is very much important and necessary to evaluate the partner’s semen, if conceiving is difficult.
Fibroids: These are the growths inside uterus.
Infections: Repetitive infections in the urinary tract, yeast infections and the ones related to sexual transmission are the infertility signs. Yeast infections and the infections in the urinary tract indicate the immunological problems and the inflammatory disease which affects the pelvic fertility. Infections of sexual transmission like: Chlamydia leads to scarring permanently.

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Actuall, i got married before 2 years, now, my husband is in japan, after married,i spend only 12 days with my husband, after 12 days he went japan,after 1yrs i also went in japan to meet my husband for 3 months in visiting that 3 month, i cannot get satisfaction and i cannot make my husband satisfied,bcz i have got a health mensuration period till next mensuration period i have got continue of bleeding after urination, all 3 month i have got a same problem. Plz give me the reason of bleeding,and is their any possible to have a bady? After 3 month till now i m in my own country, now, that proalem also not repeated.plz tell me reason
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