Black Skin Care Products

It is of common knowledge that the facial skin of African American people is oilier. Therefore, high quality lotions as well as milk cleaners, foaming cleaners are best recommended for the purpose of removing dirt from the pores and at the same time providing adequate moisture to the skin. For skin that is excessively dry, those skin products are recommended that contain soy proteins and shea butter. Those products that are high in aloe vera content make the skin more elastic and protect the facial skin during extreme weathers- weather hot or cold. African American skin, both of men and women also tends to break out quite easily. In this case, cocoa butter and other products created for the purpose of exfoliation must be used. These include glycolic acid as well as citrus acid. These products remove dead cells and dead skin and also prevent the entering of bacteria into the pores present on the facial skin.

The skin care line Black Opal is available which holds products especially for this skin. It has products for all types of skin ranging from oily to dry to a combination of both. These products allow the user to have a glowing completion no matter what the climate. A product line that is created especially for the purpose of controlling blemishes holds ingredients that removes dirt from pores and also reduces the production of oil on the skin. It also contains an astringent that prevent blemishes and makes the skin clearer. This product line is usually recommended for use during nightfall just before bedtime so that the skin can absorb enough moisture through the night and prevent acne and keep acne scars at bay. These products are easily available at a large number of stores. They cost up to $15. However, the user must wait for a couple of weeks to see results. It is most commonly used by women and those who have oily skin. It can also be used by those who suffer from moderate acne problems.

L’Occitane holds skin products for this purpose as well. The products so offers are naturally made and are usually used by those who have extremely sensitive skin. Skin products are also available for anti-aging purposes. Other products are used for the purpose of removing makeup and can also be used on infants.

Such products that take care of problems such as stretch marks or skin tone that is uneven are also available. These products contain cocoa butter and allow the skin to get rejuvenated. Such a cream is Ambi which allows the African American skin to restore its original color. This is usually used by those who spend a considerable amount of time under the sun. This is easily available. Ambi also produces shower and body washes and can be used by men and women alike. Cocoa butter products produced by Palmer hold the ability to remove the appearance of stretch marks and also keep new ones at bay. They do so by providing the skin with adequate moisture. Palmer also produces body washes and body soaps for cleansing purposes.
It is easy to purchase these products in a large number of department stores. If one cannot find them, they are also available online. Sea salt and olive oil can also be used for the purpose of improving African American skin. Face masks made out of oatmeal and cucumber are also used by a large number of people. These masks make the skin clearer and also provide added benefits when used with the above mentioned products.
For those suffering from acne, one may use a large number of the above mentioned products. Acne scars can be treated in a specific manner but the treatment may lead to the dark skin lightening for a short period of time. Benzoyl peroxide may make the African American skin excessively dry and must only be used after consulting a doctor.

When the skin is very dark, it may get even darker if a portion gets inflamed or swells up. This may result in spots that are dark. However, even though they disappear over time, one may want to consult a doctor and undergo cosmetic treatment so that the spots are not all that visible until they disappear naturally. Azelaic acid may also be used for the purpose of removing uneven skin tone color.

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I checked out Pur Minerals, they citnaon Bismuth. I found a makeup called Real Purity Healthy Glow Creme Foundation, it only citnaons: Distilled Water, Glycerin, Clay, Rice Bran Oil and Iron Oxides. It's bismuth-free, titanium dioxide free, zinc oxide free, and mica free. I ordered a sample size should receive it sometime next week. Fingers crossed. If I still have problems then we know that either I'm allergic to iron oxides (which is in all mineral makeup) or it is actually my hormones.
by Agenia     07-Aug-2012

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