Bums Like Pippa Middleton

 The wedding of Kate Middleton with Prince William had its share of followers as the Royal Wedding was telecast to a worldwide audience. Every aspect of the wedding, right from Kate’s bridal dress to her mother’s choice of outfit came under critical scrutiny. What nearly stole the thunder from Kate was her little sister and bridesmaid, Pippa’s gorgeous figure as she walked down the aisle behind the blushing bride.

Pippa Middletons’s toned and pert derriere won worldwide fans- with the men ogling her posterior and the women coveting the same. There is a social community on facebook made of fans besotted with Pippa’s bums. Pippa has been named “Her Royal Hotness” and there is a great amount of curiosity as to how Pippa came by her toned yet curvy posterior.

Pippa is known to believe deeply in the benefits of exercise. She plays tennis and swims whenever possible to maintain her slim figure. She is a self professed Pilates fan and confesses to faithfully practicing her Pilate’s routine no matter how busy she may be. 

Physical trainers opine that Pippa has been blessed with her slim, curved figure due to genetics. Her mother, Carole has been blessed with the same body structure and it is clear that she has passed on her genes to both her beautiful daughters.

Although not all of us have been blessed genetically, there is no reason to lose heart. A combination of exercise routines designed to slim and tone the butt can enhance every aspirant’s figure. The good thing is that the gluteus muscles are big muscles and respond quickly to toning exercises. Even though genetics and food habits determine the body shape, the bum muscles can still be tightened by exercises.

Exercises which one the gluteus muscles:

  1. Lunges and Squats: Lunges and squats are effective in toning the upper legs and gluteus. These are a basic of every workout routine and are easy to learn.
  2. Climbing stairs: Taking stairs two at a time builds the calf and upper thigh muscles besides toning the gluteus. Physical trainers recommend that you take the stairs whenever you can.
  3. Tennis: Tennis involves lots of running and short, sharp movements, all of which tone the posterior
  4. Swimming: While swimming is great for all round weight loss, the kicking movements especially benefit the behind.

A special Pilate’s routine is detailed below:

Lie on the floor, with your lower back on the ground, your knees bent and feet flat on top of a Swiss ball. Lift your lower back up towards the ceiling until you're making a line through your knees, hips and shoulders. Contract your bum hard at the top and lower slowly down towards the floor. Before you touch the floor, repeat the move until you've done 8-12 repetitions. Do two to three sets.

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