Can A Healthy 40 Year Old Woman Conceive

Yes, it is possible for a women aged above forty years to conceive or to carry a baby for period of nine months but it may take longer time. During menopause the production of eggs according to her age decreases. Subsequently the eggs that are produced in her body would be subjected to chromosomal abnormalities and it would lead birth of a baby with defect or miscarriage.

Suppose in case if a women wants to conceive after 40 years, then the chances of conceiving will be about 25%. But she would have a better chance of conceiving in her early age rather than waiting till mid forties. During the period if she turns 43, then the percentage will go down to 10%, even though if she is undergoing treatments for infertility. A healthy and 45 year’s aged woman chance of conceiving would drop down sharply to approximately 1.6 percent according to survey’s and medical studies.  
The rate of miscarriage increases with age and forty year old woman has only about 24% chance of losing a body and likewise percentage would climb up to 38% within a period of three years. But once when a woman attains the age forty four her pregnancy rate loss will be about 54 percent. So it is very necessary to identify the problem of infertility at an early stage and subsequently start the fertility treatments. Even the age of woman’s husband or spouse has an impact on whether she would be able to conceive or not in her forties. Generally men are able to father a child till they are aged seventy, but the sperm count decreases with their age. In some of the cases when an aged man fathers a child then there is a higher risk of a baby born with genetic defects like Down syndrome.
Any woman who is in mid thirties can have a conceiving rate of 75% under with in period of twelve months of having normal intercourse. There is good news even for women’s aged above forty who want to conceive. By using the donor eggs and modern fertility treatments will increase a women’s chance of conceiving. When a women opts for this type of treatment the risk of having a baby with birth defects drops consistently. As the eggs are donated by surrogate mothers who are aged 20 or more. Before taking the eggs from surrogate mothers, the fertility specialists would subject them to psychological and physical medical tests to avoid involved risks. 
In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is another method that helps women in concaving naturally without having to opt for medications or therapies. The IVF method effectively tackles numerous issues holistically and there are no major health risks. This method has been successful with women’s aged between 28 to 35 years. In addition this alternate method is affordable and less expensive when compared to other type of treatments.
On the other hand it is very essential for women’s undergoing fertility treatments to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Then she should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Regular exercises prescribed by the fertility expert will be beneficial and increase the chances of conceiving at a faster rate even though if you are age is running in between 30 to 40 years.

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