Can Green Tea Be Taken During Breast Feeding

There are two types of tea: non-herbal tea and herbal tea. There is a school of thought that drinking herbal tea when a woman is pregnant can benefit her health. The main difference between herbal and non-herbal teas is: non-herbal tea is prepared using tea plant's leaves. The caffeine content in the tea leaf is attributed to the fermenting process. This is the cause of concern as otherwise the anti-oxidant content in the tea promotes wellness. The time taken for brewing the leaves also has a say in the caffeine levels. But herbal tea is not prepared from the leaf but the other parts of the tea plant like its seed, root or flower. There is no caffeine content in the herbal teas.  

Generally, people drink green tea as it is good for preventing cancer, kidney ailments, Osteoporosis, cardio vascular diseases, etc. But, the safe bet during pregnancy and when a woman feeds the baby if you are already a green tea drinker is to start decreasing the amount of tea consumed drastically or gradually. The actual limit of tea intake can also vary from one person to another. But for this, as pregnancy and feeding periods are not the right time for any kind of testing, it is better to remain on the safer side and reduce the caffeine intake. It is better compared to coffee but still you must limit consumption as it might irritate the new born baby or cause harm to it. You will even notice restlessness in a baby whose blood has caffeine above a particular level. The reason for exercising caution is that the metabolism of babies is very slow compared to adults.
Some think that the solution for this is to include de- caffeinated green tea. Some others feel that it is better to switch to other beverages and bring drinking green tea to a complete halt. You should also not buy pills that contain green tea extracts as a precautionary measure. Those who have diabetes must not drink green tea. You have to resort to all this to escape from any of the following: rashes of the skin, gastro-intestinal problems, heart palpitations and not feeling hungry. Other troublesome side effects are not able to sleep soundly and a constant restless state. You may also be robbed off vital nutrients.
Most women feel some green tea intakes do not cause much harm. The main aspect to be noted here is the age of the baby: If the baby is just a few months old, it is more sensitive to caffeine as the body is tender and the body functions are under-developed and slow. The ill effects are more profound in babies that were not exposed to caffeine while they were in the mothers' wombs. Another tip that can be followed is to know that caffeine levels are high in the body within 60 minutes of coffee consumption. In practice, it is not good to stop caffeine consumption in a day because some side effects can crop up.

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