Can Stress Cause Pimples

There have been a lot of speculations about the relationship between stress and its cause. Scientific results have proved that stress can indeed be one of the major causes for the formation of pimples. When the amount of stress gets increased in the body then different types of hormones such as cortisol etc gets produced in higher quantities. These hormones are responsible for introducing a lot of change in the skin. The primary change that is experienced by the skin is abnormal production of sebum. When there is too much of sebum in the skin then its pores can easily get blocked by it. And pimples are developed when the pores are blocked by sebum. A lot of studies have been conducted on people to derive the relationship between stress and occurrence of pimples. In one such case, a study was conducted on college students during the time of exams when they go through severe amount of stress and during the time when they were attending normal classes, where the amount of stress is nil or minimal. The results showed that stress alone is not responsible for the formation of pimples; other factors like unhealthy diet, polluted environment, etc have a large impact on pimple formation. Stress can make the pimples more painful and severe in nature.


How to Control Stress


There are people who are quite conscious about their physical appearance and when they notice the presence of pimples on their skin they suffer from stress, which invariably makes the condition worse. It has been observed that stress in most of the cases plays a major role in causing pimples. Some people may be taking medicines to control stress, and the side effects of these medicines can cause pimples. Generally people who are undergoing a lot of stress, develops a habit of having an unhealthy diet, which in the long run can cause vitamin deficiencies, and these deficiencies can result in the formation of pimples. Insomnia is mainly suffered by people who experience a lot of stress. And a person, who does not receive proper amount of rest, cannot recover the pimples on his skin and with the passage of time his condition gets more severe. The skin takes a lot of time to get healed from the effects of pimples, and this process gets delayed if the patient is under too much of stress.

Ways to Get Rid of Pimples

Since then a lot of factors which can give rise to pimples, you can find out whether your pimple is caused by stress or not simply by examining your skin conditions, during the time when you suffer from stress. And if you notice the formation of pimples during stressful situations then you can be assured that it is due to the existence of stress in your life. There are many ways through one can avoid stress and ultimately the development of pimples. Acquiring adequate amount of rest so that exhaustion does not occur and the body can be kept away from stress. Meditation can help a person to cope up with the daily stress that one has to encounter.

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