Can Yoga Help In Weight Loss

Yoga can be a blessing for people who want to acquire a svelte figure as weight loss can become a reality with the regular practice of yoga. The popularity of yoga has increased by leaps and bounds because it provides everybody with an equal opportunity to lose weight without the aid of any surgeries or medications. There are certain postures of yoga which are specifically designed so that the process of weight loss becomes easy to implement. One more reason due to which yoga is often associated with Weight loss is because it does not have any side effects. With the practice of yoga, certain hormones in the body gets produced which in turn has a positive impact on the Metabolism of the body. Weight loss occurs when the metabolism functions perfectly, and yoga aids in the process. 


How Yoga Will Help in Weight Loss Without Any Side Effects


  1. One can start practicing yoga without the fear of becoming anorexic as these exercises will only facilitate weight loss according to the body mass index and will bring your body back to its proportionate statistics.

  2. Every yoga posture is accompanied by a breathing exercise. These exercises mostly requires deep breathing, which helps the body to get more amount of oxygen and when the fat cells comes in contact with the oxygen it tends to get destroyed, hence helping in the process of weight loss.

  3. Yoga can be an influencing factor in reducing the amount of anxiety experienced by us. Various medical researchers have proved that anxiety is one of the root causes which lead people to overeat.

  4. Yoga can relax both the body and mind, which results in experiencing a good sleeping pattern. Most people do not give much emphasis on the necessity of good sleep in the weight loss process but in reality good amount of sleep can help in shedding weight.


Various Weight Loss Yoga Asana




Bhujhangasana or the cobra pose is good for the flexibility of the body and improves the strength.

For maximum benefit follow the correct posture as shown below:



Benefits of Bhujhangasana


  1. Acts as a stress buster and relieves fatigue.

  2. Is good for heart and abdomen.

  3. It is also good for spine and muscles of stomach.

  4. It increases the efficiency of digestive system.

  5. Due to increased blood circulation, it increases the back problems.


Duration of Bhujhangasana: Initially practice 5 repetitions for 5-10 seconds and then gradually increase to 5 repetitions of one minute each repetition.


Precautions While Practicing Bhujhangasana: If you are suffering from back problems, Intestinal tuberculosis, ulcers in stomach or hernia then you should not do this as it can aggravate the condition.




Just like a farmers plough helps in making the farms soft, this asana helps in reducing the stiffness of body and stretching the veins.



Benefits of Halasana


  1. It improves the functioning of spine by making it more flexible.

  2. Due to the overall stretching, it improves the functioning of veins.

  3. It is beneficial in case of gastric and other digestive problems.


Duration of Halasana: This asana is quite difficult for starters so taking help or doing it under supervision is recommended. Remain in a posture for at least 30 seconds to get the desired results.


Precautions while practicing Halasana: Avoid abrupt bodily movements as it can cause be damaging for the backbone. Also people suffering for medical conditions like liver and spleen problems should first consult a doctor before practicing Halasana.




Trikonasana or the triangle posture, etc are some of the yoga postures which are often practiced for the sake of weight reduction.



Benefits of Trikonasana



The major health benefit of Trikonasana is weight reduction. Apart from this, other health benefits are:


1.    Trikonasana increases the blood supply to the spinal cord.

2.    It is useful in cases of back and neck related pain.

3.    Helps in efficient lung functioning.

4.    Reducing thigh and abdominal excess fat.


Precautions While Practicing Trikonasana: Make the bodily movements slowly and gradually. Avoid abrupt and jerky bodily movements as it can cause muscle sprain.


Power Yoga


Power yoga is a popular medium used for losing weight because it provides the scope for a cardiovascular exercise. When a person indulges himself in yoga then he should make sure that he is eating a healthy diet and is leading a healthy lifestyle, because an unhealthy eating habit will act as a barrier in the weight loss process and he will find it very difficult to lose weight. A person should consult a nutritionist so that he gets to know the kind of diet which is required by his body.


How it is Done: While practicing power yoga take care of the following things:


  1. First thing before starting power yoga is to prepare a proper plan rather than haphazardly doing yoga exercises.

  2. The room temperature should be raised to 800F as it aids in muscle relaxation. Also, increased temperature causes more sweating and thus leads to burning of more calories.

  3. If you are a beginner, then don’t abruptly increase the temperature. Start with it gradually.

  4. Start with the asanas that you are comfortable with. Don’t do overexertion as this may lead you to physical injury like muscle cramps etc.

  5. Learn the asana postures correctly to get better results. Don’t do yoga for mere namesake.

  6. You can seek the help of DVDs released by various celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta


Celebrities Involved in Yoga



Yoga is an essential routine for celebrities which they can’t afford to miss. It not only adds glow to their skin but also keeps them active during their hectic daily routine.

Various celebrities who are don’t miss a day in yoga are Kareena Kapoor Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta.


Talking of Kareena Kapoor’s love for yoga, Bharat Thakur, the famous yoga guru said, “Celebrities are role models for the rest of the nation. When Kareena transformed her figure, everyone sat up and realized that yoga can give amazing results, thus getting attracted towards this form”.


Yoga being a one package for stress, fatigue and dull skin, has become an active workout option for Bollywood celebrities.


Very few know that Shilpa Shetty had a problem of chronic spondylitis and it was only after yoga she was able to get permanent relief. She also released DVD titled “Shilpa’s Yoga”.

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