Causes Of Overeating

Usually the cause of overeating is excessive hunger. Overeating can also arise even when there is no increase in hunger. There are certain medical conditions that can cause overeating. The common causes of overeating include boredom, habitual overeating, quitting smoking and comfort overeating. People often tend to eat something when they do not have anything else to do. Stress also can cause overeating. Eating disorders, depressive disorders, psychological disorders and hypothalamus disorder can cause overeating. Some people overeat due to appetite changes in them. Some medications trigger appetite and cause overeating. Cortisone, steroids and some antibiotics can stimulate appetite and cause overeating.  


Eating disorders such as bulimia binge eating disorder and disordered eating lead to overeating. Some people having Borderline Personality Disorder may tend to overeat. Another psychological disorder known as Klein-Levin syndrome can cause overeating. While the above are certain medical conditions, there are many reasons for having excessive hunger, which results in overeating. People having undiagnosed diabetes used to overeat. Also diabetic ketoacidosis can cause overeating. Marijuana intoxication, hyperglycemia, Graves disease, mania, and bipolar disease increase the hunger excessively and cause overeating. People having tapeworms in their stomach usually eat much. 


Mothers used to generously feed their children and especially when their kids cry for no reason they get something to eat. This leads to eating in the absence of appetite also. This can also be termed as overeating. Youngsters, particularly college students often come across chances for eating junks. On many occasions they may not be able to turn down the offers made by their friends. They eat for the sake of courtesy and later develop the habit of eating something frequently. This also is overeating. People who are on dieting actually do not know they are starving, but once the dieting is over, most of them turn to be binge eaters. Overeating is caused this way also. 


Besides the above there are some interesting causes of overeating. If you skip your meals and take snacks to combat hunger, your body tries to overcompensate and you will eat much more during the next meal. If you do not have adequate sleep you may not have self control and will begin eating the items unwarrantedly. Eating large portions also is overeating. You should eat only against the need of calories you require in a day. Very heavy foods which have low water content but high in carbohydrates lead to overeating. Eating while watching TV can increase your quantity of intake and this will lead to overeating. If your food does not contain enough fiber, you will not feel satiety. You may then tend to eat more than actually required. Artificial sweeteners enhance the taste of food items and make you eat more. People who use diet pills or weight loss pills tend to eat more after stopping these pills.


Causes of overeating are numerous. In many medical conditions overeating is considered as a symptom rather than a disease by itself. Anyway, in most cases overeating seems to be a habit only. It is sure that eating disorders will lead to overeating. 

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