Chelsea Clinton Secret Wedding Plans

It is no longer a secret that the daughter of Former President of USA Bill Clinton and U S Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton is getting married this weekend. She is now 30 and the groom is her longtime boyfriend — investment banker, 32 year old Marc Mezvinsky. Marc Mezvinsky, is the son of former Iowa congressman and convicted felon Edward Mezvinsky and former NBC reporter and Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky.

Saturday, July 31 is the big day. It is reported that the wedding will take place at an old, recently restored Astor family palace in the quaintly antique town of Rhinebeck, N.Y. although the place of wedding is still a secret. It is reported that it is a big budget wedding with spending around $3million or more. It is reported that there will be 400 to 500 invitees picked by Chelsea herself. It is reported that the guests have been told to be within driving vicinity of New York and the exact place will be told later.
There is a lot of curiosity about the designer of the dress Chelsea is going to wear on the wedding day. It is rumored that that the bride will wear Vera Wang or Oscar de la Renta.
The guest list is again a secret and hence a lot of eagerness about that too. There are recent reports that President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey have been invited by Chelsea.
There are lots of not so good to know information that is going around the rumor mills. It is reported that Chelsea is very nervous about the wedding. She and Marc have discussed the dos and don’ts after wedding and Marc has reassured her he is not going to cheat and so on. It is also reported that Chelsea is undergoing some counseling to handle this.
There is also curiosity around the fact that as Marc is Jewish, – will there be any conversions? According to which faith is the wedding going to be?
This lets one think - Is there a need to be report details to such a great extent? Can there be a private life for high profile people?

Chelsea Clinton, Former first daughter is getting married on July 31, 2010 and there are lots of reports about the details of the wedding that is being kept a secret. It ranges from the money being spent to the guest list to the dress she is going to wear to name a few

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