Clear Skin Diet

Everybody would have heard of the popular saying “you are what you eat”. Eating good food will have a good effect on your skin. In order to have a clear glowing skin the first thing to keep in mind is eating the right food in the right quantities.


Junk foods give you a pasty complexion and also increase your weight. So the first step towards a healthy skin is by reducing intake of junk foods and later stopping it altogether.


There are certain elements which you have to include in your diet to have a healthy radiant skin. These are the following 


Fluid Intake for Clear Skin



Fluids help in moisturizing the skin. Skin experts say that drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily helps your body to keep healthy as it flushes out all the toxins. This also shows on your skin. Coffee, tea and soda contain the chemical caffeine which dehydrates your body. So it is advisable to reduce the intake of these drinks. Alcohol has to be avoided. 


Essential Fatty Acids for Clear Skin


These fatty acids cannot be produced in the body but the body needs them for the proper functioning. Thus they should be taken from supplements. There are 2 classes of essential fatty acids.


1. Omega 3


2. Omega 6


Our skin needs Omega 3 fatty acids.These can be obtained from the following foods


1. Salmon


2. Tuna


3. Sardines


4. Flaxseeds


5. Prawn


6. Soya Beans


7. Nuts


It is also advised to minimize intake of saturated fats as it cancels the effects of the essential fatty acids. 


Antioxidants For Clear Skin


There are electrochemically unbalanced molecules produced in our body these are called free radicals. These free radicals destroy the collagen of the skin thus reducing its suppleness. Antioxidants help in destroying the free radicals. Foods in which we can find antioxidants are-



1. Black grapes


2. Broccoli


3. Berries


4. Chestnuts


Iron for Clear Skin


Iron deficiency leads to anemia. This results in pale complexion. Iron has to be taken in our diet in order to keep our skin and body healthy.

The best sources of iron can be found in

1. Spinach


2. Seafood


3. Eggs

Vitamin A for Clear Skin


If our diet is lacking in vitamin A it will show on our skin. Skin tends to be dry. Vitamin A is manufactured in our body by beta-carotene.


Some of the sources of beta-carotene are-


1.Whole milk


2. Oily fish



3. Carrots


4. Sweet potato


5. Spinach


6. Kale


7. Eggs


Vitamin C for Clear Skin  


Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant.As already told anti-oxidants are very much necessary. When you are under stress your body loses vitamin C.


You can find vitamin C in the following foods


1. Oranges


2. Lime


3. Lemons



4. Strawberries


5. Kiwi


6. Tomatoes


7. Peas


Selenium for Clear Skin  


Selenium helps fight dry skin. This is found in


1. Cereals


2. Brazil nuts


3. Mushrooms


4. Seafood


5. Meat


6. Zinc


Deficiency of zinc causes blemishes on the skin and dandruff. It is an important mineral which has to be taken in our diet.


It can be found in the following foods-


1. Red meat


2. Cheese


3. Offal


4. Turkey


5. Nuts


Including these components in our diet will help us achieve a glowing supple and healthy looking clear skin free from blemishes and acne.


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