Clear Skin Overnight


To get a clear skin overnight is a very difficult task. And it simply means to decrease the appearance of pimples and acne. Using toothpaste on acne is a very old method of getting rid of them. The toothpaste basically dries the acne and kills the bacteria. But experts do not suggest using toothpaste on your skin as it may over dry your skin.


Mask for Clear Skin- Home Remedies


Honey Mask for Clear Skin: Honey mask is more preferred than toothpaste. Keeping the mask on your face for 10 to 15 minutes will kill all the bacteria present on the acne. Honey can also soothe the skin. Raw and not warm honey is better for this purpose.


Diet for Clear Skin: Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. This vitamin is very useful in reducing the acne. Thus face masks of papaya, lime, orange and lemon can be applied on the face to fight the acne.

Avoid sugar and soda (diet soda) as they are acidic and causes stress to the skin thereby causing acne formation.



Food for Clear Skin: Along with these things, we should also make an effort to eat healthier foods to help the body fight acne from inside. Water is a very important element and 6-8 glasses should be taken in a day. Avoid processed food as much as possible.


Exercise: Exercise and good sleep is also very important to keep your skin healthy and young looking.


Tea Tree Oil-Water Combo: One of the most famous methods of combating acne is by applying a mixture of tea tree oil with water.


Mint Juice for Black and White Heads: Mint juice is effective in treating all type of skin infections. Strawberries and lemon juice are also effective in combating acne inflammation.


Professional Treatment for Clear Skin


Laser Treatment for Clear Skin: Also, nowadays, laser treatments are used to remove acne. Laser treatments are very popular. 



Medications Available for Clear Skin: Mild acne can be controlled with creams and pills rich in Benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, Retinoids and azelic acid. Calamine lotion can be applied over the skin.


Maitainence of Clear Skin



As soon as you get up in the morning, wash your face with a gentle face wash. Wash with cold water which helps in better circulation of blood in your face. This helps to heal your acne faster.


Drink Lots of Water


Drinking water is an extremely important method of flushing the toxins out from your body. Water will not only help your overall health but also helps in keeping your skin clear.



Beauty Sleep


Take a nap in the afternoons. This should be done after applying the moisturizers. It gives the time for the skin to absorb the moisturizer. After waking up rinse your face with lukewarm water. And do not scrub to dry it. Pat it softly with a clean cotton towel.


Clay Mask


It is seen that applying clay mask to your face and keeping it for an hour or so will reduce the blemishes to a great level. So apply the clay mask everyday for about an hour in order to see marked changes in your skin.


Good Night’s Sleep


It is extremely important to sleep as much as possible. Go to bed early at night. Before going to sleep wash your face with a mild soap and apply an astringent.


Change Your Make up


Use branded products and stay away from cheap or duplicate cosmetics. Don’t use make up products every day.


Following these steps you are sure to have a clear glowing and healthy skin every morning you get up without any acne or blemishes.


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