Concealer for Dark Circles


Dark under eye circles detracts from the beauty of the face and leads the focus away from the eyes. Skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. The slightest strain manifests itself as dark circles under the eyes and gives a haggard appearance to the face. The causes for dark circles are lack of sleep, malnutrition, anemia, smoking or constipation.


Foundations as First Layer of Makeup


Dark circles are more marked in persons with deep set eyes. In contrast, dark under eye circles are hardly ever observed in Orientals who have small eyes. Whatever the reason, there are makeup solutions available to cover up dark circles under the eyes.


Just as an artist uses a prime coat to prepare a canvas for painting, so does a makeup artist use foundation as the first layer to prepare the face for makeup.


Concealer as a Second Layer of Makeup 


A Concealer to cover blemishes forms the second layer of makeup. A Concealer is an essential item in every make up kit. It is used to cover pits and scars, pimples, acne, sun induced skin pigmentation, hereditary discoloration and blood vessels closed to skin surface. Concealer can be used to lighten skin tone under the eyes and give the impression of brighter eyes.


Under eye Concealer are best used in cream form. The Concealer used should be one or two tones lighter than the foundation used.


The wrong shade of Concealer leads to make up gaffes. A yellow based Concealer used on very dark circles gives a grey appearance to the under eye area. Pink based concealers lend a mauve hue to dark circles. It is important to choose the Concealer shade with care.


Types of Concealer


Creamy Concealer: It is used in case you have a blue tinge then use the yellow based concealer. Peachy color concealer for brown or yellow.



Translucent Powder: Not only it acts as a concealer but has an illuminating effect making the skin shine.


Dark Brown Eye Pencil: Being a waterproof cleanser it is best in summers.


Instructions to Select and Use a Concealer


Select a concealer bit lighter than your skin tone. Be careful while selecting a choosing a too light concealer will result in gray appearance while too dark concealer will make the dark circles too prominent. Some recommendation for concealers according to complexion is:


1. Yellow based concealers for tan to golden skins

2. Pink based Concealer for medium to fair skins

3. White based congealers for pink to fair skins



Hydrate the Under Eye Area: Clean the under eye area with an opthalmologically tested eye cream. Apply an under eye cream so that the moisture added to the eye area makes the application of concealer easy. It can glide over it and hence no cakey or heavy effect.


Application of the Foundation:  Foundation is used prior to the concealer so that some of it is absorbed by the skin and concealer is used less thereby giving a more natural appearance. Apply a very thin layer of foundation. Blend in the foundation and set with lose face powder.


Application of the Concealer


An opthalmologically approved cleanser should be used to remove under eye makeup. Concealer need to be used in very small quantities to avoid the white look. Take a minute quantity of the Concealer and tap cream at corners of the eye and at the centre. Gently blend in the Concealer using unidirectional strokes of the tip of the little finger. Take care that the Concealer does not bleed into laugh lines at the corners of your eyes. Powder based concealers are best used for barely visible dark circles using fluffy makeup brushes.



Use a baby finger or ring finger or a make brush to apply the concealer. Starting for the inside corner move gently to the outside and work to blend the concealer with the skin.


To end with, apply sheer loose powder to set the under eye concealer and prevent it from gathering in the under eye lines.


The under eye area should be nourished with a vitamin based cream. Use of water resistant concealers is a good option too.

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