Connection Between Coffee And Alzheimer

Coffee is one of the best beverages that have several advantages to one’s health when it is taken in as it is recommended. This is because when it is taken in large quantity, it may harm one’s health. When one takes coffee in the morning, he or she is likely to stay awake while in class or in an office. This is a great advantage because it enables one to concentrate on what he is doing and perform the duties to the perfection.


Coffee is Helpful in Alzheimer


According to the health researchers, coffee is capable of treating memory loss which is the main sign of Alzheimer disease. Caffeine has a positive effect to the brain memory and it clears one’s mind thus makes him or her alert at all times. This change can be noticed after a minimum of two months of its usage.


Amount of Caffeine to Treat Alzheimer


Caffeine is given to individuals depending on their body weight and age as well. The required amount is only five hundred milligrams of caffeine which can be equivalent to taking not less than fourteen cups of tea or taking two very concentrated cups of coffee.



Caffeine is recognized as one of the best cure of Alzheimer disease and not a protective strategy as most of the people thought. This is a great advantage since caffeine has been proved to be a safe drug for several individuals.


Partial Treatment of Alzheimer with Caffeine


At times caffeine cannot treat Alzheimer completely since a human being’s brain processes things totally different to other animal’s brain therefore; people are advised to be at least cautious when it comes to caffeine usage especially the ones who suffer from Alzheimer. The pregnant women and the ones who suffer from blood pressure diseases are not required to consume a lot of caffeine since it can lead to abortion during pregnancy among other effects.


Alzheimer Cure Still in Trial Phases


Prevention of Alzheimer disease and dementia is still in its early stages since it has not been approved to be the cure of this disease though it can lower the risk that may be caused with the disease. It is not guaranteed that changing the risk factors can change the rate of Alzheimer disease though when one improves on the risk factors; it is believed that it will automatically improve the health of an individual’s heart and quality of life as well. This shows that it is possible to reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease.


Generally the illness conditions that involves this disease is considered understudied because there are several individuals in the world at large who suffer from Alzheimer disease or other related conditions and the number of these patients is just growing rapidly and is likely to increase even more.


Strange Facts Associated with Alzheimer


The main findings of Alzheimer disease are as follows:


Women with Alzheimer Live Longer A.C.T Males: Women can stay longer than men after being diagnosed with the disease, individuals who are diagnosed with this disease at seventy years can live longer than the ones diagnosed after ninety years and when the diagnosis is done late when the patient is frail, he or she is not likely to survive.


No one can change the age or the gender of a patient after being diagnosed with Alzheimer and other related diseases though, the level of care that is offered to such a person may have a great impact to his or her life expectancy.


Caffeine and Alzheimer: When it comes to prevention of Alzheimer disease, one can take the leaves which contain caffeine, crash them or create extracts and take them each day in order to prevent the brain from aging and Alzheimer disease as well. This is because caffeine has been proved to lower the risks of this disease.


It is healthy to contact a doctor before you take any drug or any other supplement. Sometime it is better to focus on one’s overall health especially when it comes to control of blood pressure because when one has unhealthy cardiovascular health, he or she has a high risk to brain diseases such as stroke among others. It is therefore advisable that when one would like to protect the brain, he or she only needs to keep the heart and the blood arteries healthy. Coffee can help in preventing the disease and can also lower its further spread though; it should be taken at a recommended amount not in excess.

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