Cosmetic Surgeons Salary


Surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgeons, are among the highest paid professionals.  Cosmetic surgery is by itself a very expensive proposition, the cost depending on the geographical location of the surgeon/hospital and whether the hospital is owned privately or by the government.  


A cosmetic surgeon in a private hospital will generally charge more in bigger cities of the US and UK than a surgeon in a state-run hospital in the smaller cities or hospitals in other countries.


Salary of a Cosmetic Surgeon Abroad


For instance, if the national average annual salary of a cosmetic surgeon is assumed as $295,000 then the average salary in some states like Texas (Houston), Florida (Miami), Washington (Seattle), California (Los Angeles) and New York may vary from $300,000 to $350,000, with a surgeon in Texas receiving $300,000 and the one in New York receiving $350,000.  


Cosmetic surgeons earn an annual income ranging approximately between $300,000 and 700,000. About 10% of surgeons earn around $300,000 and another 10% earn more than $700,000. Most of the other surgeons earn between $300,000 and $500,000 


Factors Deciding the Salary of a Cosmetic Surgeon


The Much Evident Non-Uniformity in the Salary is Explained by the Following Factors 


1. The education level, experience and knowledge of the surgeon


2. Hours of work per day put in by the surgeon


3. The facilities offered for the procedure including the surgery equipment


4. The geographical area of the hospital


5. The specialty of the surgery and the expertise required to perform it


The General Trend Today is to opt for a Cosmetic Surgery Abroad. The Reasons are


1. The surgery costs much less


2. The expertise of the surgeon and the facilities offered are good


3. You also visit places of tourist interest while abroad


4. There are several reputed agencies that can arrange everything for you to ensure an enjoyable tour and an effective operation.


Cosmetic Surgery Costs Less in other Countries for the Following Reasons: 


1. The government of that may offer subsidies in order to attract foreign exchange


2. The cost of living in these countries may be considerably lower


3. Health care givers can be hired for a much lower salary than in US or UK


4. These countries have well qualified doctors with good experience who are either native to the country or have migrated from other countries in search of a steady flow of clientele.  


Salary of a Cosmetic Surgeon in India


The average annual salary of a cosmetic surgeon working, in a state-funded hospital, in India, is about 500,000 INR. Privately employed surgeons earn a bit more. Most of these surgeons have impressive qualifications and good experience. These salaries are much less compared to what a doctor in the US or UK takes home. This is one of the main reasons for the inexpensive options of cosmetic surgery available abroad. 


Cashing in on the demand for cosmetic surgery, many countries in the world offer excellent facilities for various surgeries at a much lesser cost as compared to the US or UK. The reduction in prices does not in any way imply that the quality of service is compromised. However, you have to be careful to approach reputable doctors with a good record of cosmetic surgery success. 

Cosmetic surgeries are expensive and cosmetic surgeons are well paid. The salary of cosmetic surgeons varies according to many factors. As a general rule surgeons in the US and UK receive much higher salaries than surgeons in other countries. This is one of the main reasons that cosmetic surgery abroad has become a viable and attractive option. 

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