Cracked Lips Remedies


Cracked lips can be painful as well as embarrassing. However, they should not be a cause of worry as it is fairly easy to solve the problem. First let us see the causes of cracked lips. The bad news is that cracked lips can occur quite easily. This is because the outer layer of skin that covers the lips is not thick enough. Therefore, it is susceptible to changes in the environment as well as extreme weather conditions.


Factors Causing Cracked Lips


Dry Weather: Naturally, dry weather is the main reason for dry, cracked lips. During winters, the cold air can permeate through the thin skin and cause it to crack. Similarly, the hot air during summer can lead to cause the same amount of damage.



Improper Diet: Other causes include a diet that is not nutritious enough, i.e., it does not include the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals.


Medications: Certain medicines can also lead to dry, chapped and cracked lips.


Dehydration: Last but not the least; if you do not consume enough water during the day, it is quite possible that your lips will crack. 


Remedies for Chapped Dry Lips

Therefore, in order to solve this unsightly skin problem, the following remedies can be followed:


1. The good news is that it is rather easy to get rid of this problem.


2. While some people have dry skin due to which their lips entirely dry out, others have normal skin and only the corner of their lips dry out.


3. Those with dry skin should discontinue the use of creams or medicines that contain either menthol or alcohol as these ingredients tend to reduce the moisture content in the skin.


4. Others should avoid licking their lips as saliva can worsen the situation. 

5. In case you want to stay away from ointments and creams, you can try home remedies that include the use of honey or olive oil in order to provide moisture to the problem area. 

Home Remedies for Dry Chapped Lips


As they say, prevention is better than cure, therefore, keep the following additional remedies in mind: 

Drink Lots of Water and Stay Away From Cold Drinks: The main cause of dry lips is dehydration. Therefore, drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis to keep the moisture content of your skin on a higher level. At the same time, stay away from sodas and other caffeinated drinks as well as from alcohol. The caffeine in drinks like Pepsi tends to dry out the skin. As dehydrations targets the skin in general, keeping these remedies in mind at all times is recommended.  


Intake of Vitamin Supplements: Vitamin supplements can do wonders for your hair and skin. Vitamins B, E and C in particular focus on the immune system and provide extra protection to the thin skin on your lips.

Use of Mild Tooth Paste: Mild toothpaste should be used as some ingredients in overly strong toothpastes can lead to dry, chapped lips.

Use Lip Balm: Frequent use of lip balm is recommended as it allows the skin to stay moisturized and therefore, keeps dryness at bay. If you already have cracked and infected lips, there are a number of medicinal lip balms that are available. 


Use of ordinary Vaseline is quite effective remedy for the treatment of dry lips. While going out it should be applied on your lips.

Additional Remedies For Dry Chapped Lips 

Scrubbing the Lips Gently with Soft Bristles Tooth Brush: Take a toothbrush with soft bristles and gently run it across your lips. This will help to get rid of dead skin that tends to form on the upper layer of the skin. For extra protection, apply lip balm after exfoliation. 

Avoid Excessive Lip Cosmetics: A number of products today claim that they can make your lips fuller and plumper. These products must be avoided at all costs as the harsh ingredients tend to dry out the skin completely. Instead try to learn a few tricks that can make your lips look plumper.


Use High SPF Creams: In order to protect the skin on your arms and legs from the harsh UV rays of the sun, you apply sunscreen. The skin on your lips needs protection as well. Therefore, look for a chapstick that has a high SPF. 

Keep a Room Humidifier: Keep a humidifier in the room at all times if your lips get dry and chapped too often. The humid air will provide enough moisture to your skin and prevent it from getting cracked. 

In conclusion, it is important to remember that if your lips stay dry even after carry out the above mentioned remedies, the problem may be more serious. Visiting a dermatologist is hence, recommended in such a situation. 

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