Cramping After IUI

 It is quiet common for women to have cramping after undergoing an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure. This is one of the best methods of treatment that helps in increasing fertility amongst women alongside offering various benefits.


According to medical studies and survey over 7.3 million Americans are suffering from problems of infertility. As a result of innovations and modern medicines in medical field, there are numerous options available for infertile couples to conceive a baby with in a time period of 12 months. The IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a medical process that involves threading of thin catheter through cervix that carries the washed sperm into women’s uterus.


This medical procedure is quick and lasts only for few minutes after all the necessary preparation are made by doctor. But the timing is very crucial and plays a major role in pregnancy rate. According to medical sources the best and apt time to undergo an IUI process is with in 6 hours of ovulation period. The average conceiving rate ranges from 6% to 26% of women’s who have reported pregnancy after undergoing IUI treatment. The pregnancy rate may vary depending upon the partner’s sperm count and quality.

On the other hand there are several risks that are involved with Intrauterine Insemination like:
  1. Vaginal infection,

  2. Minimal cervical injuries that might lead to spotting or bleeding,

  3. Hyper stimulation, as a result of using fertility medicines and

  4. There may be multiple qestation pregnancies approximately in 20% to 30% percent of women’s undergoing IUI treatment.

Majority of the women consider that IUI procedure causes mild pain and some of them have experience light irritation & discomfort. Cramping is the common side effect that occurs in women after undergoing IUI medical treatment. Generally women would feel uncomfortable cramping, if doctor had difficulty in reaching her cervix during IUI treatment. Most of the women’s would tackle the pain by taking pain relief medications, but it is better advised for them to consult doctor before opting for any kind of medications while you’re attempting for pregnancy.


IUI offers numerous benefits especially for child less couples. This treatment method is considered to be one of the modern and safest procedures by infertile couples.


Below is a list of benefits from IUI:


Simple and safe procedure: The procedure is simple, fast and requires less time for preparation.

Gender selection: The couples can have an influence of gender of their child through sperm washing methods. Though the sperm wash method, one can determine the sex of child 90% accurately.


Affordable: This medical procedure is cheap when compared to other practical options for pregnancy. Hence this method is widely chosen by infertile couples on a strict budget.


Free from medication: Here the ovulation can be induced without using any drugs.


After undergoing an IUI treatment, majority of the women’s resume their daily activity. Before resuming the routine work, it is advised for women to consult doctors, as there are some restrictions on certain activities that need to be avoided. The treated couples can have intercourse and can resume their normal work after IUI procedure. The cost of IUI treatment would range between 300 to 700 US dollars. Another important note for women’s is that they need to prepare their body for the pregnancy and for this they need to take prenatal vitamins or supplements. 

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