Cream for stretch marks

Let me break a few myths for you, stretch marks are caused due to skin dryness, superficial treatment such as chemical peeling will cure stretch marks permanently . Others include cream for stretch marks which have collagen have permanent cure for stretch marks. Yes, all these statements one hears every day are myths. Stretch marks are not caused by dryness, what is caused by dryness is the chapping of the upper layer of the skin. Chemical peeling does not permanently abrogate stretch marks, what it does is, it mildly burns the epidermis, removes dead skin cells to bring to your sight, a stretch mark free skin. Chemical peeling does not remove stretch marks from the core; it just removes the surface layer where stretch marks reside.

Collagen initially was considered to be the prime ingredient in any cream for stretch marks. But more and more companies seem to highlight this ingredient less. Initial marketing for a product would show the viewers that collagen gets absorbed in the skin which results in a well hydrated skin and a stretch mark free skin. Now, companies do not advertise collagen exhaustively for the simple reason that it has come to public awareness that collagen is a heavy molecule and can not be broken into smaller molecules. This simply implies that the skin can not absorb collagen and get rid of stretch marks. After busting these myths let me tell you what really works as a best cream for stretch marks.

 Almost 80% anti stretch mark creams are a failure. This could be because you bothered too late in life to remove stretch marks or because the cream for stretch marks does not work at all. There are many creams for stretch marks available in the market; it depends on how much you are willing to invest in the quest of getting rid of stretch marks. Organic, botanical, herbal, homeopathic, chemical and clinical treatments are available, consult your dermatologist and see what suits you the best. Make sure you undergo an allergy test to prevent any break outs or rashes, no company sells a product without a disclaimer, so be rest assured in case of any problem you take responsibility of your own self, you can not go and lash back at the company which manufactured that product. A good and efficient cream for stretch marks must restore the elasticity of your skin and increase the metabolism of the skin. If the metabolism of your skin is good it can prevent the formation of deep stretch marks. A cream for stretch marks must also enable the molecules in the product to distinguish between dysfunctional skin cells and healthy skin cells to prevent any skin damage. The cream for stretch marks must also increase collage synthesis by providing the body special molecules to destroy free radicals. A combination of all these factors will answer your question of what is the best cream for stretch marks when you intend to invest in one to reveal stretch marks free skin.

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