Cream Foundation

Foundation is the first cosmetic to be applied on the face. It serves as the base and other layers of cosmetics are applied on it. The correct colour and consistency of makeup to suit each skin type is imperative for the face to look natural and flawless. The wrong choice of foundation will result in the face looking like a painted mask.


Types of Foundation


The foundations available in the market are geared to suit all needs. There are allergy-tested foundation for sensitive allergy prone skin, who suffer from skin allergies; liquid, cream, powder or cake foundation to suit various seasons; oil-free foundation for oily skin; stick foundation which can be carried in handbags; long stay foundation to last for longer periods of time and Concealer type foundation to hide skin blemishes and give a smooth skin-effect.


Of the three types of foundation available in liquid, cream and powder forms; cream foundation is specially suited to dry skin. Cream foundation is long lasting and gives an even tone even under strong light. Cream foundation is preferred for mature skin as it successfully hides wrinkles and fine lines.


How to Apply Cream Foundation


1. The face and neck should be cleaned, toned and moisturized first.


2. A small quantity of cream foundation should be taken on the edge of a damp sponge and dabbed in a downward motion. Special care should be taken to cover the ear and neck region.


3. The foundation should be blended using the tips of fingers.


Dos and Don’ts While Using Cream Foundation


1. Buy a shade as close to the natural complexion of the face as possible.


2. Do not check the shade by applying on the hands or wrist as facial complexions tends to be a few shades removed from that of our wrist and hands.


3. Check the suitability of the shade in natural light and not under fluorescent light.


4. Use minuscule quantities of foundation as cream foundation spreads well and provides wide coverage with small quantities.


5. Skin prone to acne should be cleansed with a good quality cleanser as cream foundation can clog pores and aggravate acne.


6. Cream foundations with built in sunscreen is available today. This foundation is specially recommended while traveling.


7. For Evening make up, cream foundations with shimmer overtones are available. When used with satin finished powder, it gives the face a glowing finish.


8. Cream foundations with mineral content are expensive but are becoming popular. These foundations are tailored to meet the needs of mature skin.


9. It is unwise to use expired make up products and especially so for foundation as foundation is the cosmetic which has the longest direct contact with skin.

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