Daily Dose of Sunshine Vitamin

A recent study has revealed that many diseases can be curbed by daily dose of sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is popularly known as the sunshine vitamin as one can easily derive it from the sunrays. Vitamin D helps in depositing the minerals in the body, which makes the teeth and bones quite strong. Therefore the chances of succumbing to osteoporosis also decrease. But a lot of other problems besides bones might crop up when there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Cancer can be prevented with the daily dose of sunshine vitamin, as it can hinder the growth of cancer cells and it can also help during the treatment of cancer.

Vitamin D can produce a hormone named leptin in the body which can curb obesity as this hormone sends the signal that a person is completely filled up and overeating can be avoided in this manner. The immune system can be improved through vitamin D and autoimmune disorders can be brought in control with regular dosage of vitamin D. Since vitamin D is fat soluble in nature, it can remain stored in the body for longer durations. It is quite difficult to know whether the body is receiving the right amount of vitamin D and therefore one should go through a test in order to determine whether there is any vitamin deficiency.

There are three major sources such as sunlight, supplements and food through which one can get vitamin D. But one should not apply sunscreen lotion before getting exposed to sunlight. One must consult their doctors about getting exposed to sunlight sans the protection of sunscreen, as many of them might have doubts about skin cancer. Foods such fish and egg consists of vitamin D. Most of the times, one does not receive the required amount of vitamin D through their diets and therefore supplements becomes their last option. But before trying out the vitamin supplements, one should refer to their doctors first, in order to avoid over dosage. After receiving the test results for vitamin D deficiency, if your doctor recommends vitamin supplements, only then you should start taking vitamin supplements. People, who are consuming any sort of weight loss medicines, must mention this fact to their doctors because such medicines can decrease the absorption rate of vitamin D in the body. With the right diet and careful exposure to the sunlight, one can keep vitamin D deficiency at bay.

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