Diet Followed by Celebrities

Wonder how celebrities maintain their body even at the age of 50-60 or after giving birth to babies? Well, we all get obsessed by most of the celebrities especially the diet they follow that make them look gorgeous, fresh and fit. Most of the celebrities be it Oprah Winfrey, Kareena, Beyonce, they follow a well balanced diet plan, be it vegan or non-vegan.


Say NO to crash diet


Different celebrities follow different diets and hence it’s very difficult to judge that which diet plan will suit our body. However, one thing that is commonly followed by all the celebrities to look young and fit is consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. They strictly abstain themselves from crash diet. Also they say “NO” to diet rich in fats and carbohydrates.



Diet Varies as per Body


As we all know that every individual has different body make up and bodily response, hence the diet plan varies from person to person. Still we get so much passionate to get body like celebrities that we start following a crash diet without knowing its side effects. Though crash diet helps in weight loss but it makes the body weak thereby affecting the immune system.

Weight Loss Mantra: Acai Berry Diet

Acai berry diet is the commonest diet followed by celebrities. Acai berry, being rich in anti-oxidants keeps cholesterol and blood pressure well under control. Also it strengthens the immune system. Moreover the supplements made of acai berry acts as a detoxifier and keep the body fat well under control.

So, diet consisting of acai berry, green vegetables and fruits helps in considerable amount of weight loss and simultaneously maintains high energy levels. Having acai berry juice empty stomach in the morning, during lunch and before going to bed helps in suppressing cravings for junky diet.

From the Celebrities’ Desk


Apart from maintaining a good diet plan, celebrities work out hard enough to keep their weight under control.

Latest sensation and in news celebrity is Beyonce, a 30-year-old singer who lost as much as 60 pounds of her weight post pregnancy. Talking of her weight loss struggle, she said, “You all have no idea how hard I worked. I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce.”



Another actress who spread the waves of shock is Kareena Kapoor with her “size 0” figure. She stressed more on yoga and exercise rather than diet. “I like to eat what is healthy and easily available. I don’t believe in following fad diets”, she said.

Sonakshi Sinha is another girl in the list of weight losers. She believes in having small meals every three to four hours. She is actively involved in yoga poses at a room temperature of as high as 40 degrees. Apart from all this she is an avid tennis player.

Sonam Kapoor lost 35 kilos of weight after engaging in exercises and well balanced diet. Talking of her routine, she says, “I started weight training with trainers Shervir and Monisha; artistic yoga and Power Yoga with Bharat Thakur; Pilates with Yasmin Karachiwala and general fitness with trainer Zarine Watson.”

“My training in Kathak helped me too. It's a vigorous form of classical dance and helps you get a toned body”, she added.

Adnan Sami, a singer and a director is another celebrity who is a role model for many obese persons. He lost an impossible figure of 110kgs in no time span. Talking on his diet Sami said, “I am on salads, no bread, no rice, no oil and no alcohol. I am allowed to have chicken but I don't feel like having it.”


He started of with sugarless tea, for lunch he just had salad with fat free dressing and only had plain dal for dinner. As a result of this diet, he turned form 230 kg giant to an 85 kg normal being.



Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Avoid carbohydrates especially after evening. Have green tea instead of normal tea or coffee.

  2. Do regular and systematic work outs under the guidance of a trainer. Don’t just join gym as a status symbol.

  3. In the morning, have one glass of water mixed with one tablespoon honey and lemon. Combination of lemon and honey is fatal for extra body fats. Honey when taken empty stomach kills body fats and lemon, being a cleanser, removes the fats from the body.

  4. Avoid oily diet.

  5. Losing weight is not an overnight work. You got to have passion, dedication and strong will power.


“Losing 1kgs of weight a week or 4kgs a month is considered a normal weight loss”


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