Diet Plan For Heart Patients

Diet plays a crucial role in the well being of heart patients. Foods like fibers, healthy oils and antioxidants are good for heart whereas those will saturated and Trans fats are damaging to heart. Foods that require baking, grilling and boiling are best suited for heart patients.


Heart patients certainly need to let food heal their hearts. A heart patient needs to use food in several ways so that he/she is able to get ample benefits out of it.


Overweight Heart Patients



They must aim for a diet that will enable them to lose weight and make their weight remain steady at the ideal weight ratio. Remember that weight loss can only occur through dietary control and exercise and no fad weight loss methods


Saturated Fats and Heart Patients


For a heart patient it is important that they notice what the quality of fat in their diet is. Also, they must be mindful of the quantity of fat. They must include good fats such as omega 3 and olive oil. They could use a lot of fish and flax-seeds in their diet.


Things that are taboo in a heart patient’s diet are saturated fats or margarine. In order to avoid these they must not eat any fried food. They must also keep away from sweets and desserts as most of them are prepared using a lot of margarine or butter and laden with calories. All kinds of cakes, sweet meats, and carbonated drinks must be avoided. 


Non Vegetarian Food for Heart Patients


Avoid red meat: A heart patient must not consume red meat at all. They are choco block full of fats which can lead to further clogging of the arteries and raising the cholesterol levels



Avoid Sodium intake:  Meat and dairy products have high level of sodium so their intake should be restricted as high sodium can raise the blood pressure and hence can be fatal for heart. One cup of skimmed milk contains 125mg of sodium. Packed buiscuits, cakes and cookies are also high in sodium.


Mineral Magnesium for Heart Patients


A heart patient must eat a lot of food that is rich in magnesium. This will be found in spinach, broccoli, potatoes and tofu.


Do's And Dont's For Heart patients


  1. They must eat small and more frequent meals and must include at least 6 to 7 servings per day of fruits and vegetables.

  2. Engage yourself in at least one hours of Nordic walking and drink fresh juice. Avoid refrigerated drinks as they will put extra burden on your heart.

  3. A half a bowl of any kind of green leafy vegetable is a must for a heart patient. 

  4. A heart patient must restrict and minimize the amount of salt in their diet. They must try to opt for a lacto-vegetarian diet.

  5. They must include as many natural and organic food stuffs as possible and eat these without any feelings of remorse what so ever.

  6. Avoid canned soups and pre-packed meals. 

  7. A heart patient must also avoid the overconsumption of tea and coffee. Caffeine can also cause one to have cardiac stimulation which might result in palpitations, unusual rhythms of the heart and missed heart beats which can not only be stressful and frightening for a heart patient but also life threatening too.

  8. Alcohol and any form of tobacco must not be touched at all. The caffeine found in these food stuffs will have a negative impact on their hearts. 

  9. A heart patient’s overall diet should be as natural to the way the food is found in nature as possible. This will ensure that the required nutrients and vitamins are intact. 

  10. Grapes, apples and papayas are extremely beneficial for the heart and must be consumed daily. They can also have alfalfa seeds.


Cabbage Diet for Heart Patients


Cabbage diet mainly consists of cabbage soup along with fruits, vegetables and skimmed milk. It is devoid of vegetables like corn, potatoes and beans. It promotes cardiovascular health by strengthening the immune system.

Include healthy carbs like oats, gram, beans, nuts and beans in your diet. It carbs excess of bad cholesterol like LDL’s from the body that are harmful.


For a heart patient a corrective diet will certainly help them to increase the quality of their life and increase their lifespan. 

Combined with a healthy diet a heart patient must also be active, exercise regularly and avoid stress and tensions.


Sample Diet Plan for Heart Patients


Upon Arising:


Lukewarm water with lemon juice and honey




Whole wheat bread sandwich with skimmed milk.

Fresh fruits like banana, apples, grapes, pears, melons and oranges.


Morning Snacks:



Low fat dip raw carrots or cucumber

Low calorie beverages

Coconut water and fresh fruits




Green vegetable salad with non fat salad dressing consisting of beetroot, cucumber, tomato, onion etc.

Low fat cheese

Fresh fruits

Whole wheat chapatti with organic vegetables and curd made from low fat oil



Afternoon snacks


Restrict from eating chips, burgers and tea snacks like cakes and salty snacks.

Fresh fruits or fruit juices is a preferred diet




Steamed or lightly cooked vegetables with whole wheat chapatti

Vegetable soup,


Glass of butter milk

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