Diet Plan Secrets

Tips for secrets diet plan that help you to loss weight. And learn how exercise will help you to burn extra calories.


Every dieter should remember that embarking upon fad diets and crash diets is never the right thing to do. Drinking a particular kind of tea for a particular time period will make you lose those extra pounds almost instantly.


But Will They Stay off?


The answer is no. Once you initiate a crash diet and practically starve yourself to death, your body will understand and go into starvation mode. Therefore, it will hold onto the fat securely. The weight that you shed will not be fat but muscle which is undoubtedly bad for the body as it leads to a reduction in the metabolism levels.



Once you abandon the diet and start eating normally again, you will not only put the weight back on as instantly as you lost it, but your body will also store fat more securely.


Other diets encourage the dieter to skip one meal during the day. These diets deprive the dieter from consuming the right amount of nutrients that are necessary for a healthy life. Once you get sick off the diet, you will binge on food that is high in fat. This will lead to you piling back the pounds.


Therefore, crash diets should never be followed. Diet plans should include food from every food category and also encourage the dieter to indulge in physical activity. Steady weight loss is more permanent than instant weight loss.


Diet Plan Secrets


Include a medium to high intake of Proteins.

Avoid the Intake of Simple Carbs such as white products. These include sugar, white flour and white rice. These lead to adverse effects in relation to the insulin levels in your body which can further lead to other problems.



Include Fats in your diet. Trans fat must be avoided but fat that is absorbed from food products such as fish, nuts, olive oil and seeds is good for the body.

Fibers: Fibers must be included into one’s daily diet. This is due to the fact that fiber allows you to feel full and therefore results in weight loss by reducing your appetite. It also reduces the release of carbs that result in weight gain.

Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol must be avoided at all costs as it contains an excess of sugar which undoubtedly leads to weight gain. Alcohol intake also has adverse effects on a number of hormones which can lead to further problems.


More Diet Plan Secrets


While the above mentioned diet plan secrets can help you initiate the right diet plan, a number of additional diet plan secrets must be kept in mind in order to speed the weight loss process: 


Drink Lots of Water: One must consume at least 12-13 glasses of water on a regular basis. It is a well known diet plan secrets that if your body is hydrated, it carries out its daily functions in a better manner. Water also allows you to feel full. When you combine this benefit with those food products that are rich in fiber, you will undoubtedly lose weight. Therefore, even a small portion of food will satisfy your hunger pang. This diet plan secrets will help you lose weight in a healthy manner. 



Never Skip Your Breakfast: If you begin with a huge meal in the morning, this will lead to your metabolism functioning at a faster speed. When this is carried out early morning, it undoubtedly results in a number of benefits. One must reduce the portion of meals as the day progresses. Breakfast must be huge, lunch must be slightly smaller and dinner must be the smallest meal. One must also avoid eating heavy food products after 6 pm. This diet plan secrets will allow you to stay full and lose weight. 


Not All Fats are Harmful: One should not depend on those products that claim to be low in fat. As they are low in fat, they tend to be high in sugar, salt and other components. This makes them even worse than the high-fat products that they claim to be better than. Reading the labels behind food packages is important as it not only makes you well informed but could also prevent you from consuming extra calories.

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need a diet plan
by Garima     19-Feb-2012
My weight is 54 Kgs i need weight loss if possible please give me diet plan.
by Asavari     31-Mar-2012
i have 80kg weight how can loose my weight.
by balwinder     10-Apr-2012
ihave 76kg weight how can loose my weight.I need a diet plan.I am 35years old.
by swati     26-Apr-2012
i have 75kg weight. my fat mostly on hips,abs,thighs. how can i reduce acess weight? i am 30 yrs old.
by tejal patel     07-May-2012
i have70kg weight how can loose my weight. I need a Diet plan. I am 24 years old.
by nirali malaviya     02-Aug-2012
Dear NIRALI MALAVIYA, Generally it has been seen that in order to lose weight people refrain themselves from normal diet but let me tell you this is not the way out. You should maintain a balance between the food you take and the work out you do. So, start incorporating healthy diet that includes green leafy vegetables, salad and fruit juices. Stay away from junky diet. Also start practicing yoga specially surya namaskar, which is very beneficial for the whole body and helps you get rid of extra fats. If you need a diet plan, then we would be requiring your last seven days diet history that what you ate in breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more info you can mail us at We will send you the format in which you have to fill your diet history. And for surya namaskar visit the link...
by admin     02-Aug-2012

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