Diet To Control Acidity


More and more people who are suffering from acidity problem will be able to control the symptoms, if they are willing to make changes in their diet. Diet plays an important role in the secretion of acid in the stomach. The acid that is secreted in the stomach digests the food that a person consumes. This means that the first step in keeping the acid secretion normal is to eat three meals and prevent skipping any of the meals. The stomach can protect itself from the normal acid secretion but it is only when the acid levels are too high that the person suffers.  


Foods to Avoid


It is better to avoid foods that result in excess acid secretion: fatty foods, sweets, spices, fast food, caffeine drinks like chocolate drinks or coffee. Other known foods that may affect people whose bodies are generally warm: citrus fruits like lemon and orange, garlic and onions. It is also better to avoid these foods during summer.


Foods to Take


It is better to eat foods that are rich in carbohydrate content, since it is easy to digest such foods. Foods that tend to digest easily do not need excess acid secretion. Eating more than what you would consume normally will cause more acid secretion. It is better to drink milk and eat other foods that are known for their rich protein content in the morning or during lunch.


Avoid Smoking and Alcohol


Stay away from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Include several portions of fruits and vegetables in your meals as these plant products are known to have high alkali content. This can neutralize the ill effects of acid just as water can neutralize acidity.


Amla and Basil are Good Cure for Acidity


In addition to correcting the diet for controlling acidity, it is also important to stock some herbal remedies for curing occasional acidity related symptoms. Amla and basil are very good cures for acidity problems. Mint is also effective in treating acidity.


Beverages Beneficial During Summers


It is better to keep the body cool after an outing in the hot summer by drinking tender coconut water or buttermilk. Even cold water can reduce the body temperature which has a direct effect on the amount of acid secreted in the stomach. You can eat cucumber or watermelon too in general and more of them during hot summer days. Milk is also good for absorbing excess acid and it is advisable to consume cold milk regularly.


Avoid Excessive Medications, Consult a Physician


It is better to correct acidity problem by using diet. It is better not to consume medicines unless the condition is severe. Even when the symptoms become severe, it is better to use herbal remedies. All vegetables and fruits are known for their alkali content and have the opposite effect of foods that trigger acid production. It is also important not to mix food items that are generally not compatible. This means you should not eat fish with milk. To prevent the acid from moving to the food pipe, do not lie down just after your meals. Stay erect or sit for a while before lying down.

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I have suffering from acidity since 10 years.I hv already removed my galbladar 3years ago.I used regular ZINTEK, an acidity controlled tablet 2nos every day.then I released from problem.In night when sleeping it has many problem 4 me.What I do?
by amrit nath     25-Feb-2012

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