Different Types Of Hypertension

Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels. This puts an extra load on the heart. Blood pressure can be divided into two broad categories that is high blood pressure and low blood pressure.


Hypertension is Further Divided into Two Major Types that is:


1. Primary Hypertension – has no known cause and is found in most of the people who are hypertensive.


2. Secondary Hypertension – is caused due to certain known factors and is hence curable by curbing those factors.

These two kinds of blood pressure is prevalent amongst 90% of the people who are hypertensive.
Besides these there are other kinds of hypertension too. Although these are less common they cannot be ignored because they go on to affect the health of the person. Some of these can give rise to primary hypertension too. These are
 White Coat Hypertension: this is a fairly new and interesting kind of hypertension. It is common amongst people to get this kind when they visit their doctor. These people may have normal blood pressure under other circumstances but when they are in front of a doctor their blood pressure is elevated. This is due to the stress that going to doctors can put on one. However, hypertension cannot be completely ruled out as there might be an underlying problem. Due to this a doctor should always rule out all other factors before terming it as a white coat hypertension.
PseudoHypertension: is the kind of hypertension which makes people whose blood pressure is normal appear as though they have high blood pressure. This leads to prescription medications to bring down the pressure which might result in really low blood pressure. This might occur as one gets older.
The next kind is the Malignant Hypertension. This kind of hypertension is not something to be taken lightly. It is life threatening and a serious concern. It causes the vital organs such as kidneys, liver, retina and the brain to be damaged. Malignant hypertension can develop really quickly and hence give the patient not much time. In turn it rapidly damages the organs and if immediate medical aid is not sought then the patient becomes critical.
Pulmonary Hypertension: Is the kind of hypertension that targets a specific part of the circulatory system. Although it does not affect all the organs it affects the most important organs that is the heart and the lungs. The most vital need of the body to survive is the lung’s ability to transfer oxygen and the heart’s ability to pump blood. This is what Pulmonary Hypertension hits at. If this is not treated then it is life-threatening. However, if treated at the right time the efficacy of the treatment is higher.
Resistant Hypertension: Is the kind that does not respond to any known hypertension medication. Despite all the attempts to lower the blood pressure it remains at a steady high. The reasons for resistant hypertension are several and the doctor needs to get to the root cause of it. The doctor and the patient need to work in sync to get a hold over this kind of hypertension. There are some tried and tested methods and cures to reduce this kind of hypertension and treat it.

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