Do You Feel Cold And Tired During Winters

It is quite common to feel tired and cold during the winter season. To prevent this, adequate planning is necessary. First of all, make sure that your house is not letting in the cold air. For this, you have to find out the openings available throughout the house which does not block the air. Even when the windows and doors remain closed, air can enter the rooms through tiny openings. You can cover such openings permanently or place a plastic cover upon the windows if you find it difficult to search for tiny openings.  


You must invest in good winter clothing so that you walk around without feeling cold and also sleep without getting disturbed by the cold. You should always walk with your boots on so and adequate cover for your head. You must spare time during evenings for a short but vigorous workout. This should be possible even if you oversleep or do not find extra time in the first half of the day.


You will feel warmer indoors if you light the oven and cook your food slowly as the heat caused by the cooking will spread from the kitchen. You can do this multiple times during a single day if you are staying indoors or at least once if you will be outdoors for most part of the day. All this will prevent you or your home from turning too cold. You can also light lamps in places of the house that is quite cold.


It is better to keep yourself busy as it will result in an increase of the body temperature. While this is true, sometimes due to over exertion, you may feel too tired. In such a situation it is better to make it a habit of consuming healthy food that helps in keeping the body warm. It is not at all a good idea to consume excessive caffeine and sugar as both have the effect of making you feel low at a later point of time. You may unknowingly consume a large quantity of sugar by drinking unhealthy packaged drinks. You should note down simple recipes which will boost your energy and warmth without adding extra and unwanted calories. This will help you in the long run as you do not have to worry about burning the extra calories once winter is over.


You can also try keeping yourself busy mentally if you feel that you are quite tired and bored. You can solve puzzles or read something that keeps you in an alert state. It is important to acknowledge the fact that it is possible to feel tired and cold during winter. You need to devise plans for overcoming such situations and keep everything handy so that it will be easy to find something when there is a need.


You should try a few or all of these methods for reaping best benefits during every winter season. These are not difficult to implement and this is reason enough for their implementation.

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