Do You Find Excuses For Not Exercising


Most of the individuals do not take their time out to exercise, not knowing that it is very important and healthy. This is so because several people from almost all parts of the world suffer from obesity or overweight especially adults. This shows that people are not concerned with exercising and have many reasons that they use in order to remain sedentary. If you want to lose weight, gain more energy and live longer on earth then take your time to exercise during your free time especially in the morning and evenings. Apart from the above advantages, there are other benefits to frequent exercise when you make it a routine or part and parcel of your life.


Advantages of Exercise


Managing the Body Weight: The main advantage of exercise is that it assists individuals in managing their body weight and keeping fit with good body composition as well. To others, being slim is a great advantage that they boast of.



Getting Rid of Various Metabolic Disorders: If one seems to be heavier than he or she should be, he may not feel relaxed. This is so because your life will have several threatening conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart diseases, stroke, cancers, liver infections and gall bladder diseases among others.


Exercise Helps Us to Be Active: One has full control over his or her life therefore one is able to choose whether to start exercising or not until it is too late. It is better to do the simple exercises when we are still healthy and become active and healthier.



No Pain, No Gain: Everyone should get serious and do away with the simple mistakes because if you ignore the exercises, you will over burden others emotionally, financially and even physically when you are down. All excuses that people form in order to avoid the exercises can be avoided and great results be obtained. 


Many of us excuse ourselves to exercise with things like which do us no good in life, this is a real chore and one should do anything to avoid it or neglect it as it is not always fun doing so.


Make a Prior Work Out Planner: One of the things you can do in order to exercise is to make a plan of the things you have to do during your free time by writing them down in a diary, this will make you avoid being lazy.


Helpful in Emotional and Physical Strength: There are many benefits that come with exercise that include reduction in risk of heart diseases and diabetes; it also helps one to achieve mental clarity. According to the researchers, regular exercises can boost brain’ functioning, and when one stops exercising the brain also stops functioning well.




Don’t Delay But Do: At times one can dread to exercise because of being busy, which may be just an aspect of avoiding those uncomfortable exercises or the aftermath of the exercise. Sometimes we give ourselves excuses that we will exercise when we are in good shape or at the right time to do so, but when the right time comes we don’t even do so, such kind of thoughts are the ones that dread us from exercising forever. Sometimes we tend to say that I will exercise when it’s not uncomfortable because when you exercise, you tend to sweat a lot, your heart pounds and your lungs burn and sometimes pain from the muscles it is very taunting taking the first step though after getting used to it, everything runs smooth without any problem. 


Make Exercise a Priority: We don’t put exercising as a priority because we always say that I will exercise after my schedule clears up, the confusion we have sometimes is that as soon as we research more about the benefits of exercise is when we will exercise or find a book that has those benefits.


Season is No Reason: The seasons also matter, so we excuse ourselves that at the end of this season I will exercise in the hope that a certain season will end that first, so we end up not exercising. For example during rainy seasons most of the individuals do not exercise because of mud, we don’t want to make ourselves dirty, so when it comes to sunny seasons we do not exercise again for fear of sunburns and dust, in the end of it all, we don’t exercise at all and only come to realize our mistakes when it is already too late.

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