Do You Like Public Display Of Affection

PDA or public display of affection is among some of the most debatable topics between the old generation and the present generation. It will be wrong to completely reject this idea or absolutely ban it, but there is definitely a limit which has to be set in order to avoid obscenity and vulgarity. Further more, public display of affection also includes a mother kissing her child or the child hugging her and we cannot ban that. Being orthodox is not the reaction needed here but being reasonable and sensible is a necessity for sure.  

It’s important to define the extent to which public display of affection should be allowed and in what places. Although kissing on the cheek, formal kisses for greeting, holding hands and putting ones head on shoulder is acceptable; groping, smooching, inappropriate talks and vulgar body language is not at all tolerable especially in public places. It sets a bad example on children and adolescents who if exposed to this kind of behavior at such an early age, tend to get inspired by public display of affection and start indulging in adult activities at a young age and this creates a hindrance in their physical, ethical as well as mental development .In fact this is exactly what is happening these days. Adolescents inspired by public display of affection are developing before their time and abortion cases in adolescents as young as 12 -13 years of age are being reported in hospitals.
Although too much display of affection is bad, but again it matters which public places one is talking about. In completely public places where children or families hang out, groping, lewd gestures, smooching and sitting on someone’s lap is definitely not recommended. Incidentally if a child or adolescent is somehow exposed to such public display of affection, it can be a right moment for the parents to teach their children how to behave in public and the do's and don’ts of adult life. Apart from that, sweet and general public display of affection like a peck on the cheek, hugging, holding or shaking hands is something children should be exposed to, in order to teach them the manners and sensible ways to express their emotions.
Indulging in a bit more elaborate display of affection is not against the law if done in places where only adult crowd is allowed, like bars, night clubs or dance clubs. The fact to be taken care of is that- though by blatant public display of affection in these places, one is not spreading wrong influence but still maintaining a bit of dignity, decency and self control in any public place is common sense, after all   being an adult one is supposed to be responsible and set the right example for the young generation.
It’s not only the vulgarity and obscenity of public display of affection that makes it unacceptable to many people. There is also the sentimental and personal aspect of it which can be a cause of botheration for someone who has had a heart breaking experience recently. For them, looking at couples who are doing public display of affection brings back their own memories which they are trying so hard to get over, this makes it hard for them to forget the past and get on with their life as it hurts their emotions.
Furthermore many times PDA also brings back many cherished memories and reminders of many happy moments. Its very beautiful to watch a couple in love holding hands or sitting close with all the love in the air .Letting go of ones emotions a little bit every now and then is more than fair and that is something which is important and should never be objected to .After all public display of affection is better than public display of anger or aggression. There are many a burning topics and issues that need to be take care of like poverty, terrorism, global warming etc instead of protesting against public display of affection. These days when there is so much of unrest and enmity everywhere, publicly displaying love in a civilized manner will spread the emotion around and inspire people to love rather than hate .Public display of affection can be a symbol of peace if it retains its true meaning and does not turn into public display of lust.

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