Does Eating Apples Help Cure Acne


“An Apple a Day Keeps Acne Away”


People suffering from chronic acne have successfully cured and also prevented it by taking apple on regular basis. Treating acne with medicines is not impossible; but prevention is better than cure. From the past research, apple is found to prevent and even cure acne. Though medications are there but they come with side effects. Natural remedy therefore is the safest way of treatment. Eating apples is a treatment that you can relish too. Apples help in clearing out the junks in our body. Logically, when other fruits and vegetables can help prevent acne, why not apple?  



High Content of Water in Apples keeps Skin Healthy


The health from inside out is improved by adding apples in your diet. Good quality apples have many properties that can nourish the skin and keep it in good condition. Apple contains lot of water. The balanced hydration in apple plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy


Apples Being the Rich Source of Fibers Aids in Digestion


Apple also contains lot of fiber especially the insoluble form called pectin. Fiber helps the digestion process. When digestion is good it paves the way for a good skin. However, you have to also include vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous in your diet. This complete balanced diet certainly improves the overall health and makes your skin brighter. The reason for improvement in the skin could be due to maintenance of balance in production of hormones which is caused by the balanced diet. Acne is triggered only when production of hormones gears up, in turn increasing the production of sebum. Sebum and dead skin cells combine to clog the hair follicles and cause acne. The condition worsens when bacterial infection also takes place in this site. 


Apples Together with Balanced Diet Good for Acne



To say that apple alone can cure acne may not be correct. That way, no food can cure acne on its own. However, adding apples to the diet is indispensable if you need to improve your skin health. 


In Case You are Allergic to Apple Skin


Some people may not be able to digest the apple skin. In that case intestinal problems can occur and this condition can encourage the causes of acne. In that case do not eliminate apple but take it in the form of juice. Remember, taking fresh apple juice or eating good quality apples is a must for achieving good results. Even though apples are edible despite keeping them in cold storage for weeks together, they lose their nutritional values due to storing it for a long period. 



Have Organic Apples in Your Diet


Try to get locally grown apples that have not suffered the application of pesticides. Also, apples coming from distant places may be aged ones. Do not peel off the skin of apple as most of its nutrients are just below its skin. It is advisable to eat apple together with its skin as the skin contains fibrous contents. The most important point is that only prolonged intake of apple can help acne cure and its prevention. An overnight success is not possible in this endeavor.  


While trying to increase healthy intakes, also try to reduce foods containing much of fats. This will go a long way in improving the skin health and sustain the same

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