Does Exercise Help In Controlling Acidity

There are several solutions using which the acid levels produced in the body can be controlled. For implementing any of the known solutions for the acidity problem, the cause of the acidity problem should be known. Based on the cause of the problem, a proper solution should be arrived at in the shortest possible time. You should not ignore acidity problem as it can increase in intensity and cause ulcers.  

While numerous natural remedies have been recommended to control the secretion of stomach acid, for acidity problem caused by factors related to stress, a holistic solution is needed. As stress can manifest itself in various ways, it is important to control the effects of stress. If you find time in the morning, you should make it a habit to go for a morning walk as the fresh air will rejuvenate you. Those who find it difficult to set aside some time in the earlier hours of the day should make evening walks a habit. Such walks will have a positive impact in the overall health of your body.
You can also include exercises like swimming and riding a bike as these exercises are low impact ones. Jogging is considered to be a high impact exercise compared to walking. But avoid doing any type of exercise just after consuming food as this can result in acid reflux. So, wait for about two hours or at least an hour after a meal. You can also drink some cold water half an hour before starting the exercise regimen.
You can also join a Pilates class if you think that group exercise is better compared to solo exercises. The Pilates exercises can make your stomach muscle flexible and strong. As Pilates involves continuous and smooth movements, several muscle groups get worked out at a time. This will result in a stable and strong abdomen. The Pilates exercises focus on alignment, centering and body control.
Meditation and Yoga also have been proven to help people suffering from hyperacidity. They also help the person to keep the negative effects of stress under control. Such physical exertion is needed for long term relief from acidity problem. If you think that prescription medicines can solve acidity problems it is true that they can solve it quickly and offer relief soon. But for a problem that has been persisting for a long time, it is better to include physical exercise in the everyday regimen. If you continue the intake of medicines for a long duration, you will experience some side effects too.
It is also essential to prevent acid reflux and heartburn. For achieving this, it is important to test whether the person who is suffering from acidity problem has an allergy for some types of food. Some people have an allergy for dairy products while others have allergy for wheat products. Such people should avoid the intake of dairy and wheat products. You have to wait for a few weeks to observe the results.

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