Does Smoking Affect Conception

Yes, the smoking habit adversely affects conception as it interferes with couple’s ability to conceive. As smoking is prevalent in both males and females, it can also lead to serious fertility problems. According to medical studies and sources, infertility rate is higher amongst active smokers when compared to non smokers. Generally it would take a longer time period for women smokers to conceive. It is quite evident that both the infertility and smoking are inter-related to each other.

Cigarettes are not the only cause that results in infertility, but it can have adverse effect on an individual’s conceiving ability. The infertility problem as a result of smoking exists in both men and women’s.
Smoking interferes in ability of a woman to become pregnant and in addition it can have ill effect on reproductive system. Suppose in case if she were to conceive then she would have pain at different levels of pregnancy. The smoking can affect women’s ovaries, uterus and cervix.
The ovaries in women’s that are responsible for releasing the eggs every month will be affected as a result of smoking. In addition the smoking can interfere with organs that are responsible for regulation of hormones and lead to irregular menstrual cycle. Not only that even the smoking can pose serious problems to reproduction process like:
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Hormonal imbalance and
  • Anovulation (menstrual cycles without ovulation process)
Some of the medical studies have suggested that cigarette smoking can have negative impact on uterus and thus making conception less likely in heavy smokers. The smoking can even block the path of embryo and there are several other related problems that occur during the process of pregnancy.  Smoking would directly affect eggs and ovaries. As a result of impact on ovaries and eggs, even the uterus would get affected.
Cervical cancer is another major problem that is associated with women smokers, though the cancer isn’t caused by smoking. But smokers are likely to develop cervical cancer and it would be difficult for a woman to conceive. In addition the smoking would increase the chances of miscarriage. There is a debate on whether the miscarriage and smoking are related to each other. So it is better advised for women’s to quit smoking if they are thinking about conception. Once when women smokers attain the age of 40 then there is very less chance of conceiving.  Even if they were to opt for other alternative conception methods, still they would encounter several problems during pregnancy period.
Subsequently the smoking can result in pregnancy complications and women could be at a risk of developing the placental problems.
The sperm count in male would reduce considerably as a result of smoking. Hence sperm may not be able to fertilize the egg produced by his partner or spouse. The smoking can reduce the mobility of sperm so it may not be able to reach an egg for fertilization. As a result of this situation the women won’t be able to carry or conceive a baby for a term of nine months. In case if an active smoker fathers a child, then there is a possibility that child would be born with a defect.  Additionally the sperm produced by an active smoker may be subjected to DNA abnormalities and may lead to miscarriage.

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