Does Tina Fey Scar Looks Similar To Keloid Scar

Tina fey scar is very famous and some people find that it adds beauty to her face. Tina fey revealed that she had this scar, when she was young and someone came and stabbed on her face and since then she has this scar. This scar looks very similar to keloids as they are said to be overgrowth of the scar tissue, extending beyond the boundaries of sites of healed injury of skin. These appear due to the injuries of skin such as acne, wounds, body piercing, surgical incisions and burns. This can also occur due to the wound caused through a knife as Tina fey has on her cheeks. For few of them, keloid scar that causes cosmetic concern and discomfort affecting the appearance of the person. There are various treatments available these days that can be utilized by an individual for removing the keloid scars.

The fact is that if an individual has keloid scar, then the best treatment will be keeping the wound clean. There are about 50% chances of these scars to reoccur, hence few doctors suggest that every highly pigmented individual should avoid body piercing and tattoos to be on the safer side. One can prevent the keloid scar by taking certain precautions. A person can simply prevent the keloid scar formation at the injury of skin by simply applying slight pressure to the wound along with a dressing. When the injury gets healed up, an individual can place dressing for about few hours regularly on it. The other best alternative is the silicone gel dressing. As, once there is formation of the keloid scar it gets difficult to treat.
An individual with scar similar to Tina fey scar can also get cortisone injections for flattening the raised scars. Usually people have to take injections at least for months (from three to six) until the results are attained or seen. Some can also get cryotherapy for small keloids. The scars are flattened by freezing them with liquid nitrogen, this kind of process may cause some darkening at the site. There are few people, who get the color of keloid and texture of skin improved by going through laser treatments. One of the effective treatments can be using pulsed-dye laser and it will help to reduce the scar redness, but there may be necessity for few treatments as well.

Tina fey scar can be removed by the surgical excision, to get the better results the patient will have to take combination of radiation and steroids treatment, instantly after the surgery is being done. People having a scar similar to the scar of Tina fey, can also consult or visit a dermatologist to confirm whether it is a similar one or not. They can also discuss for other possible treatments or options appropriate for the scar. There is another option known as interferon therapy. Doctor will suggest the best possible course and treatment for removing the scars, depending on the severity of the case of an individual. 

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