Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic eye makeup is always a successful method of attracting people towards you. While the natural looking makeup is nice enough for your everyday life, taking your eye makeup up a few notches and be all out dramatic is must for a grand evening event. It requires some practice and patience to get that dramatic eye look. However, dramatic eye makeup may not be appropriate for workplace, wedding, mall or a luncheon. Take care to use only branded products as local products may contain harmful chemicals which may irritate your eyes and skin.

The following materials are essential for getting a dramatic makeup:

  • An eye pencil with a shade darker than the one you usually use, to make your eyes more dark and attractive
  • Mascara – It can be of any vibrant colour depending on your choice. Generally women prefer colours like black, dark purple or blue to make the makeup more attractive. It is important to ensure that the color of your mascara suits your natural eyelashes. You can experiment with different tones that can match your hair, skin and eye color.
  • Liquid eye liner
  • Makeup styling brushes of various sizes
  • Eye shadow

These days, there are various genre of dramatic eye makeup available. The most popular ones are smoky eyes and cat eyes.

The following points illustrate them in more detail:

  • Try a palette of eye shadow colours with gray, charcoal or black, shimmery white, and silver to get you smoky eyes. A light shade of gray should be applied to the entire eyelid, except beneath one's eyebrow. Next step is applying some shimmery white to the area below the eyelid. Placing a dark charcoal colour on the outer edge of your eyelid will help you achieve the smoky look on your eyes. At but not the least, brushes can be used to touch up any mistakes.
  • Start with a light shade of eyeshadow just below your brow line, followed by a medium shade on your main eyelid. Define the line along the length of your upper eyelid with the eyeliner. By blending a neutral eyeshadow shade and a shimmering shade you can get a dramatic look too.

Another dramatic eye makeup is ‘the cat look’. This can be achieved by heavy use of liquid eyeliner. To achieve this look, get a palette of eye shadows with white, light pink, beige, light brown, and a dark charcoal. Making use of liquid eye liner is a very tricky and can result in wrong application. Therefore, one needs to be patient and be persistent to achieve the ideal results. The best way to apply liquid eyeliner is to put on a thin line starting with the inner corner of the upper lashes extending it diagonally beyond the outer eye corner. Then proceed to the lower lashes.

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