Dry Skin Diseases

People find it difficult to accept the fact that a mere dry skin can cause a lot of skin diseases. And dryness of skin indeed causes the development of plethora of skin diseases. It is important to gather the details of such diseases as it will help you to deal with the condition of your body if such similar type of diseases occurs in the future and the treatment procedure would be familiar to you.


Skin Eczema: Its Causes and Treatment


Eczema is the most commonly occurring skin diseases which develop due to dry skin. The treatment process of this condition is quite complicated and it has the proclivity to worsen further. People with this disease have patches on their skin which are extremely dry and causes irritation. It is very natural that irritation is a source of embarrassment for many people. Irritation paves the path for inducing itchiness. There will be times when a person would get really tempted to scratch the part which is itching, but he should avoid doing so, as it would aggravate eczema, adding more misery to your situation. Eczema is not contagious and that is its only saving grace. It is very difficult to detect the presence of eczema. For the detection of allergic eczema, certain test needs to be conducted. 


Blepharitis: Causes and Treatment


Blepharitis can be defined as a condition where the skin in the area of the eyelids becomes profusely dry and swollen with a tinge of red color. Blepharitis is caused when the oil glands in the area of the eyelashes does not function properly which results in bacterial infection, ultimately leading to this disease.  This happens when a person is overtly exposed to the rays of the sun or is not getting adequate amount of sleep. The urge to itch would be extreme in this case. But it is suggested that a person should not touch the area around the eye as it will increase the need for scratching. Although Blepharitis will annoy the patients extremely, but besides that the eyesight of the patient does not get impacted by this condition. The best bet would be to get an appointment with the doctor so that he can prescribe the appropriate medicine for this disease. 


Dry Skin or Xerosis


In medical terms dry skin is given the name of xerosis. The prominent reason for xerosis is the low level of moisture content in the skin, which is due to spending more time in swimming or the usage of hot water for bathing. Patients suffering from this disease should be very cautious about the skin care products that they use on a daily basis. Psoriasis is more harmful, as compared to eczema. No specific cure has been invented for psoriasis and this is the reason that patients with this disease tend to bear the fury of this disease throughout their lives. Psoriasis makes the skin tremendously dry and if the person scratches the itchy spot then even bleeding can occur. Psoriasis can be distinguished into the following types: scalp psoriasis, nail psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, etc.


Medical Conditions Behind Dry Skin


Skin Eczema or Psoriasis


Diabetes: It brings about the fluctuation in glucose levels and thus extraction the oils from the body leading to dry skin.


Hypothyroidism: Low level of thyroid in the body reduces the amount of oil produced by oil glands in the skin thereby leading to dry skin.


Malnutrition: Deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals can leave you skin dry. It is advised to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and avoid oily and junky diet.

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