Dry Skin Problems

Dry skin is the common problem with majority of the population, due to the exposure to dust and pollution in the environment. Inactiveness of oil producing glands in the skin makes the skin to lose its softness which is also another cause for dry skin.


Dry Skin Occurs Because of Various Reasons Which Include


1. Harsh soaps or detergents. Frequent swimming in chlorinated water may trigger allergy for some people. This causes rashes on your skin.


2. Cosmetics, moisturizing creams which you use may contain very harsh chemicals that might not suit your skin leading to dry skin.


3. Not drinking enough quantity of water.


4. Seasonal changes especially during winters the dry skin problems aggravate.


5. Nutritional deficiencies because of poor diet.


6. Excess smoking, caffeine intake, alcohol intake and drugs. All these change the elasticity of the skin.


7. Thyroid disorders cause dry skin as it reduces the activity of sweat and oil glands.


8. Very rarely due to your medications taken for some other problems may induce dry skin.


Some of the Problems Faced by Dry Skin are


1. The skin becomes rough or looks cracked. Sometimes it may even bleed which are signs of extremely dry skin.



2. Skin is dull in appearance. Also wrinkles appear at a very early age.


3. Very itchy feeling sometimes disturbing your daily routine also.


4. Severe redness, inflamed or tenderness in the skin.


5. Other severe problems you may face are Psoriasis, fungal infection or eczema.


Dry Skin Can be Prevented By


1. Avoiding hot water and using only warm water for taking bath.


2. Apply good moisturizer immediately after your shower while the skin is wet because moisturizers work better on moist skin.


3. Drinking at least 8-9 glasses of water per day. Eating a proper healthy diet.



4. Applying a good moisturizer during winters and using sunscreen creams during summer. You should try avoiding scented moisturizers.


5. Selecting proper soaps and make up things that suits your skin and also which has less chemical contents.


6. Avoid smoking and alcohol and also limit your caffeine intake.


7. Seek your dermatologist when your problems are smaller as it is better to be safe than sorry.


8. Use skin friendly and non irritating fabrics like cotton materials. Washing your clothes with unscented detergents may reduce your skin irritation.


9. Using humidifier especially in winter helps to reduce the amount of moisture lost from the skin through evaporation. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.


Home Remedies for Dry Skin


1. Gentle massage of almond oil mixed with olive oil applied before going to bed can relieve from dry skin



2. Applying Aloe Vera gel is very helpful for dry skin problems

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