Dry Skin Woes In Winter


The onset of winter season not only introduces a dip in the temperature but also welcomes dry skin. Although it is not a life threatening condition but it can easily manage to wreck one’s appearance. All we want to do during such a phase is to confine ourselves in our homes, away from the prying gaze of people. But this sort of behavior will not help anybody to get rid of dry skin.


Cause of Dry Skin During Winters


During winter, the degree of humidity decreases, which affects the skin resulting in its dryness. Skin experts endorse the idea of taking care of the skin throughout the year and especially during the period when the winter season is just about to barge in. Following a good skin care routine a month before the start of the winter will prepare the skin to maintain the moisture equilibrium. 



Change the Skin Care Products that are Used During Summers: During summers we use such products which help us to have an oil free complexion. But when it comes to the winter season, one should change the type of products related to skin care as well. If during the summer you are using a moisturizing lotion which is very light, then in the winters you should shift your focus to a lotion which is of much thicker density. Even the usage of face wash gels should be given proper attention.


Use Foam Free Face and Body Washes: Winters demand a face wash which is devoid of any foam forming chemicals, as foams can cause the skin to get rid of the oil produced by the sebaceous glands. But during summers a face wash should be used which develops foams as it reduces the amount of oil produced by the oil glands. If the oil surfaces in the skin then the pores of the skin gets blocked and acne develops. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful about the type of skin products that is used during different seasons. Face cleansing is a daily ritual, and it should be followed religiously. The next step after cleansing is moisturizing so that the skin can remain hydrated. 


Buy Comedogenic Skin Products: The skin products which are purchased should also be comedogenic in nature, which will prevent the pores from getting blocked with excessive oil. A sunscreen lotion is necessary not only for the winters but also for all the seasons as it can save us from contracting skin cancer which is primarily caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Avoid Scrubbing in Winters, Apply Oils: Moisturizer which has glycerin as one of its ingredients should always be preferred by a consumer. Usage of scrubs in the winter can prove to be extremely harmful for the skin so mild face wash should be used.



Application of oil in the area of the scalp can also help to deal with dry skin during the winters because if the skin of the scalp is dry then it has a ripple effect and dry skin is also experienced on the face.


Say No to Alcohol: Although some quantity of alcohol can give you the much needed warmth in the winter but at the same time, it also plays a major role in dehydrating the body, which is bad news for the skin. 

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