Dysport Brow Drop Correction

It is natural to face the drooping and sagging of fact with the growing age, thus creating a tiresome appearance or wrinkles on the upper eyelids or brows or wrinkles next to the eyes. As a result of some hyperactive muscles between the eyebrows, deep creases in the lower forehead get created.


Dysport has turned out to be the prominent method as a new non-surgical option to get rid of forehead wrinkles, and it is known act faster and long lasting as compared to Botox. Dysport, which already has the approval of Food and Drug Administration, too is an injectable toxin having successfully eliminated forehead wrinkles and giving the brow lift non-surgically. As an effect of Dysport, frown lines between the eyes get swept away, with no more worried, stressed or angry type expressions on the forehead thus regaining the freshness of face and a youthful appearane


As part of Dysport brow droop correction program, you are blessed with following attributes of Dysport:

  1. Can be injected during a lunch time, or any time convenient time

  2. Subtleness to smoothly put away deep facial wrinkles

  3. Getting rid of negative expressions such as tensed, worried, aged, angered, etc.


Given the above factors, it is imperative to why is Dysport brow droop correction expert and so effective and popularly used for this purpose.



As a protein extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, Dysport was initially used for the treatment of various muscular spasms including Cerebral Palsy. Further advancements shown that botulinum is equally effective on neuromuscular disorders too and for many years now, has been successfully used to treat nervous convulsions and facial or neck muscle spasms with astonishing outcome.



Procedurally coming with simplicity of use, Dysport get directly injected into facial muscles underlying the frown lines and usually 3-5 small doses effectively treat the wrinkles and lift brows. Without an anesthesia, the injection treatment completes in approx 20 minutes and the process is almost painless. Results of Dysport brow droop correction can be seen as soon as the muscles start relaxing. Even after the corrective procedure is over, the patient will look normal, will be able to raise brows as usual and not affecting the ability to blink.



Further as to discuss why the Dysport brow droop correction required, it can be generally understood that as natural are our expressions such love, laughter, pleasing, satisfaction, gratefulness, are anger, depression, worry, stress, concentration etc. causing squint or crease our facial muscles, contracting the forehead skin. Further, skin looses its elasticity as a result of aging too and the forehead creases or grooves grow deeper and etched into the face. Sometimes these changes themselves become a cause of worry, anger or stressed feeling, making them appear on the face.



This is where the role of Dysport comes into picture as a blessing to temporarily immobilize those frown muscles, further stop that frowning, creasing or squinting effect. Over the period of its use come ensured complete elimination of those creases, grooves and wrinkles over forehead and as a result of smoothness replacing those unwanted expressions, you look younger by many years. 

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