Dysport for Migraine

Botulinum, an approved toxin by Food and Drug Administration as a cosmetic treatment, has grown over and above in treating neuromuscular disorders too treating tension-type headaches, gastrointestinal problems and migraine. Clinical experts say that as a characteristic, botulinum toxin has a paralytic effect on neuromuscular junctions, has seven serotypes which have varied usage & dosages, and comes in the form of trademarks such Botox and Dysport.


Thus, alike Botox, Dysport too has the quality of a muscle relaxant with its neuromuscular toxin as also to do away with wrinkles on forehead, under the eyes, etc. for obtaining a youthful appearance.


After several experiments and studies, botulinum is the toxin which has been found widely effective over tension-type headaches and variants of migraine. A study conducted over 77 patients of migraine showed that 90% of them had partial to complete recoverable response and one dose of botulinum lasted up to two and a half months. Furthermore, the patients also required lower doses of analgesic during medication period and as such came across less occasions of vomiting sensations related to migraine.


However, studies continue in this regard and towards more findings about how well can botulinum withstand as a complete medicinal alternative to migraine. Specialists in this segment also add that botulinum toxin, demonstrating as a pain reliever, may give birth to reconsider the old mechanism of pain relief.


Debilitating headache like migraine can be treated with Dysport which has varied composition of botulinum as compared to Botox. Physicians treating migraine with Dysport, on the basis of studies & experience so far, inform that migraine headaches show up in several symptoms and types and each one requires to be treated differently by injecting varied proportions of Dysport at various specific points on head, neck and facial spots with an almost painless method.   Though the patient will need multiple doses of Dysport, he will at the same time observe during next one month that the intensity of pains has lowered as also the frequency. Ongoing treatment along with decreased proportions helps in improving the situation over a period of time.


Medical practitioners and therapy experts find it surprising to note that patients who were getting treated for glabellar rhytids reported significant improvement in their headaches and that Dysport is uncovering migraine patients out of those who were consuming it for cosmetic purposes.


As regards dosage, neurological experts say that doses of Dysport for treating headaches like migraines are from 75 to 150 units. Though side effects with Dysport are very rare, a heavy dose of Dysport can cause too much weakening of the injected muscle. Therefore, there is need to individual adherence while selecting places of injection and dose arises, so that any possibility of side effects can be eliminated. However, a big advantage that comes with Dysport is that the injected toxin does not spread in the whole body after injecting, thus possibility of other side effects such as dizziness, concentration loss, blurring eyes or instant increase in weight, is deniable.

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