Effects Of Stress On The Body

When one experiences the perilous effects of stress on the body then automatically it has a negative influence on the health as well. Stress can be tolerated by the body to a certain extent but when the amount of stress exceeds the normal level then severe health problems can occur. When a person experiences a threat which makes him feel vulnerable, then the mind immediately sends a signal to the body that a threat is lurking around. This signal prepares the body to tackle the problem and naturally the heart rate and blood pressure increases, which also makes the muscles in the body very tensed. When the mind realizes that the threat no longer exists then gradually the body calms down. But for people who suffer from chronic stress, their body cannot reach the normal state. When high blood pressure and abnormal heart rates persists for a long time, then it can cause severe damage to the body. The primary effect of stress are experienced by the body in the form of headache, pain in the chest, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, weight gain, pain in the joints, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, arthritis, backaches, asthma etc.  



The effect of stress is just not limited to the body, one can also experience its effects on the mind and the behavior pattern. Symptoms like irritation, alcohol addiction, isolation, drug abuse, evading responsibilities, smoking, etc can show the effect of stress on a person’s mind and his behavior. Depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorder is some of the problems which are faced by people suffering from excessive stress. One can reduce the amount of stress in his life by training the body in such a way that after an episode of stress, the body can reach its normal state quickly. Exercise can be of immense help in reducing the amount of stress experienced by a person because during exercise the body releases a hormone named endorphins, which relaxes the mind and makes you feel better about the stressful situation. Yoga and breathing exercises can help the body and mind to relax, which can decrease stress. So while you are feeling stressed you can practice some of the yoga and breathing exercises.


A hectic schedule can often be the cause for stress, so in order to prevent stress it is advisable not to have a schedule that will ruin your piece of mind. Even when you have a hectic schedule always remember to take breaks in between so that there is no scope for stress to develop in the body. When somebody experiences huge amount of stress then it affects his productivity at work because his body cannot function properly to meet all the demands of the work. Many people are unaware that they are suffering from stress, till the moment they experience burnout. When you undergo too much of stress then it is best to take a break from work for some time as it will help you to refresh your body and mind.

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