Eleventh Month Of Pregnancy

The size of the baby during the eleventh week of pregnancy is around one and half inches and it weighs a quarter of an ounce. The skin of the baby will begin to lose its transparency by the eleventh week of pregnancy. After the commencement of the eleventh week of pregnancy the baby will be able to open and close his fists. The fingers and toes get completely separated by now rather than being webbed just like the previous weeks. The baby will start to kick by this week. Within the next couple of weeks, the baby will go through enormous growth and it will become double the size of its current size.

Your baby bump might become a little bit visible if it is your first pregnancy. Even though you are at the last lag of the first trimester, people will not be able to realize that you are pregnant. By this time, you will notice a lot of changes in yourself. You hair and nail will start to grow at a rapid pace. This symptom might not be prominent in some of the women before the onset of the third trimester. Morning sickness might cause a lot of problem even during the eleventh week of pregnancy but you have got a reason to rejoice because it will only last for just another week or so. When the nausea stops troubling you, by the beginning of the second trimester, then you will be gaining about one pound every week. You might get very emotional due to the surge of various hormones in your body and just do not worry about these emotional outbursts as it is perfectly normal during pregnancy.
Varicose veins cause a lot of anxiety in pregnant women. Varicose veins are formed due to the increase of blood volume along with the pressure exerted by the uterus on the lower part of the body. The blood pressure in the lower region of the body increases due to the pressure exerted by the uterus and eventually it leads to the formation of varicose veins. Some women can have varicose veins in other parts of the body besides the legs. The causes of varicose veins also depend on the amount of weight gained during pregnancy and family history of this condition. Exercise can help you to prevent the development of varicose veins. If you stand at a place for a long time then, a lot of blood will get accumulated in your legs which will give birth to a lot of problems. To ensure that proper blood circulation takes place in the body, you should start taking short strolls during the day. Before starting any type of exercises during pregnancy make sure that it is recommended by your doctor as all types of exercises might not be suitable for your condition during this time. It is also said that whenever you are sitting, then you can try to elevate your legs, as it will help you stop the blood from accumulating in the leg.

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