Endometriosis and Pregnancy

Endometriosis symptoms can interfere with women’s ability in becoming pregnant and the condition is referred to as endometriosis pregnancy. Endometriosis is a medical condition where there is growth of endometrial cells on outside the uterine lining in women’s body. Generally the endometrial cells are located on pelvic organs, abdomen and bladder.  

These endometrial cells can cause severe pain to women and when she menstruates the pain will be unbearable while causing scarring. This might prevent the conception from happening. In case the woman conceives, these scattered endometrial cells will be blocking certain pathways in or around uterus. As a result there will be greater difficulties during later stages of pregnancy. The main cause for endometriosis is retrograde menstruation, caused to hormonal imbalance or due to menstrual blood flowing back into fallopian tubes.
Endometeteriosis and pregnancy
Majority of women’s suffering from endometriosis would have alteration of uterus, which makes it difficult for them to get pregnant. Else there might changes in eggs produced by women or endometriosis may block the eggs from releasing for fertilization. Though it’s evident from the medical studies and researches that endometriosis can result in infertility. Some of the women’s have conceived and have given birth to healthier babies. Suppose if a women is successful in becoming mother even after endometriosis, then it can ensured that the disease had zero or minimal impact on pregnancy. The reason behind this is that women is pregnant, she may not go through hormonal changes that others might experience during menstruation and ovulation period.
In addition some of the women may not experience any kind of signs or symptoms because of endometriosis like painful period, back pain, pelvic pain and they can become conceive without any hassles. Even if they don’t know about particular disease, after finding out that they have endometriosis also, they will be in a position to become pregnant. The endometriosis would continue even after baby’s birth in some women and according to doctors the breastfeeding will ease out certain symptoms of disease.  
Here the women’s should know that pregnancy is not a cure for the gynecological condition called endometriosis. So if a woman wants to conceive she should consider an earlier age as endometriosis is one of the degenerative disease. With passage of time and age the chances for women to conceive would lessen drastically.
Endometriosis and pregnancy are interrelated to each other. As endometriosis affects women largely during their reproduction years and later it might prevent women from conceiving. As and when a woman discovers she is pregnant and experiences any kind of endometriosis symptoms, then she should compulsorily consult doctors. But the women’s suffering from endometriosis experience different kind of symptoms and even some of the experienced physicians might fail to diagnose it. As the endometriosis symptoms are similar to other health issues.
If diagnosis and treatment are done at an earlier stage then it’s very easy to overcome the difficulties during pregnancy. At the same time the women suffering from endometriosis should be given special or extra care during her pregnancy, in order to shun the risk of premature births.
There are several medical treatment methods available for women to get relief from endometriosis like Laparoscopy, medications to stop the ovulation, hormonal drug routine, Intrauterine Insemination and In-vitro fertilization. The women should opt for balanced diet and stay away from cigarettes.

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