Exercises For Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is something most of us crave for. However, for those who struggle with their belly fat, there’s some good news. Just by following some diet rules and stomach exercises, you can have a flat tummy! But, it is important to do both, only following a diet, or doing crunches and ab exercises alone would not help the cause. By changing the diet, you will be able to restrict the storage of fats in the stomach, while doing exercises will burn the fat that is already present in the body and troubling you! 


While you are making a diet plan for you, besides deciding on the stuffs that you eat and you don’t, it is also important for that the schedule of the diet is also done in consultation with a dietician. But, in this article, we will look more into the exercises that can help you reduce your tummy fat and give you the look that you have been craving for! 


So, what are the best exercises for getting rid of your tummy fat?


No, its not just crunches! The most effective exercises are the cardio exercises, which could turn out to be most crucial in your effort for a flat tummy! Cardio workouts will help you burn more calories than any other type of exercises known, and that in turn would help you lose your stomach fats! As the fats reduce, the stomach muscles would be seen, giving you your much-desired flat stomach!  

However, besides cardio exercises and proper diet, one needs to perform some stomach crunches and ab workouts to get the perfect shape. However, it is advisable to have a personal trainer to guide you through the process and do it in the form of interval training. People have a general perception that only intense training helps in reducing belly fat in a short period. But the truth is that even by doing interval training, you could loose fats up to one day after training. So here are three of the most effective stomach exercises. 


Upper Abs Basic Crunch 


In this exercise you need to lie on your back to the floor/exercise mat with the hands kept on to the side of your head or crossed on the chest. Then, make sure your knees are bent at right angles (90 degrees) with the feet on the floor/mat. Now, you would need to lift the shoulder blades off the ground. The purpose would be to make your chest touch the knees without moving the legs at all! This can be done by lifting the stomach muscles only. When you are done doing that, move back slowly towards the floor and repeat the whole procedure around 15-20 times at a time. It is important to follow the breathing procedure. While going up to the knees, you need to breathe out and while coming back, breathe in. It is advisable to do 3-4 sets of such 15-20 crunches per day with periodic breaks in between. However, remember not to sit up all the way, as it could end up being detrimental for your back! 


Lower Abs Reverse Crunch


First, you need to lie on your back to the floor, with hands behind the head or by the side of your hips, the knees bent and the feet lifted to about a half feet above the floor. Now, the action is to bring the knees close to the chest and lift the bottom portion of your body off the ground. This is again done by concentrating on the abs, with more effort on the lower parts of the abs. It is important to use the abs rather than any other part of the body. Now, after you have completed the first part, the next step is to bring the legs back to where they were – half a feet above the ground! Each set is of 15-20 such crunches, and one must aim to complete 3-4 such sets by taking intervals. It might seem difficult to do 20 crunches on the first take, so gradually increase it from 10 to the number of times prescribed by your trainer. 

There are other few exercises like oblique crunches which have similar effects on the body, but the above two workouts would be sufficient enough for beginners to experience the change in a few days itself!

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