Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

Big gorgeous eyes are easy to make up. Just a few strokes of eye shadow and a few strokes of eye liner are all it takes it transform ordinary eyes into a pair of beautiful eyes.

Big eyes do not need correction. All that is required is accentuation of the color and contours of the eyes.

Make up tips for big eyes:

  • The make up kit should include eye base, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow in three shades and highlighter.
  • The colors chosen should be complementary to the eye color .For example, Shades of lilac and purple gel well with green eyes, shades of bronze and gold look good on brown eyes.
  • Use of eye base keeps the eye shadow from creasing into the eye lids.
  • The eye shadow chosen should be in dark, light and shimmery shades of the same color.
  • Mascara and eye liner are best used in liquid form
  • Eyes are sensitive organs and are prone to irritation with repeated use of cosmetics. It is preferable to use branded cosmetics which are tested for common allergens. Eye makeup should never be used after the expiry date.
  • Eye makeup and brushes should never be shared.

Steps to make up

  1. Shape the eye brows in a shape appropriate to the shape of the face for e.g. flat eye brows for a long face, arched eye brows for a round face.
  2. Apply eye base over the eye lids and under the eyes.To conceal the dark circles use a concealer of a shade lighter than your skin tone. Yellow shades work best.
  3. Apply eye liner on the inner rims of the lower and upper lids as close to the lashes as possible. Use pencil or liquid eyeliner. The liner should be thin at the inner part of the eye. It should increase in thickness at middle of the eye and be thickest at the end. Drawing cat’s eyes is very effective in making big eyes look even bigger.
  4. Use the darkest shade of eye shadow at the inner and outer corners of the eye, from the lash line till the crease.
  5. Use a light shade of eye shadow and cover the bare areas in the middle of the eye lid. Draw in the color away towards the brow bone. If you have pale skin, opt for pastel colors, as richer and darker colors best suit darker skin tones. 
  6. Blend the colors well so the colors appear to flow into each other. There should be no abrupt change of color.
  7. Apply the highlighter just below the brow bone.
  8. Use mascara on the upper eye lashes.
Draw a thin line of the dark eye shadow just below the lower eye lashes; smudge well using a cotton swab.


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