Eye Makeup for Close Set Eyes

Make up offers great potential to make the most of what Mother Nature has given us.Correct make up enhances good features and camouflages flaws. Eye makes up calls for skilful use of colors to accentuate the eye shape and color. Attention to the eye brows and eye lashes provides a perfect frame for a pair of sparkling eyes.

What are close set eyes?

If the distance between the eyes is less than one eye width, then the eyes are termed close set eyes. The trick to making up close set eyes is to give the illusion that the distance between the eyes is more than it actually is. This can be done by drawing attention towards the outer corners of the eye and eye brows. Darker shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara are used at the outer ends of the eyes and eye lids to give this optical illusion. The idea is to make your eyes look further apart by emphasizing the outer edges of your eyes.  

Make up tips for close set eyes:

The make up kit should include eye base, mascara, eye liner and eye shadow in two shades. The colors chosen should be complimentary to the eye color .For example, Shades of lilac and purple gel well with green eyes, shades of bronze and gold look good on brown eyes. The eye shadow chosen should be in dark and light shades of the same color.

Steps to make up

  1. Shape the eye brows in a thin arch so as to increase the eye area. The eye brow should start at a point slightly away from the point over the tear ducts and extend well over the outer end of the eye.
  2. Apply eye base over the eye lids and under the eyes.
  3. Apply eye liner on the lower and upper lids as close to the lashes as possible. The liner should be thin at the inner part of the eye. It should increase in thickness at middle of the eye and be thickest at the end. Drawing cat’s eyes is very effective in making close set eyes look bigger.
  4. Dab highlighter on the lids just at the inner end of the eyes.
  5. Use a light shade of eye shadow and cover the inner end of the eye.
  6. Apply a dark shade of eye shadow from the middle of the eye till the brow bone f. Draw in the color at the outer end of the eye and blend well.
  7. Apply the dark shade under the lashes on the lower eye lid from the middle till the outer end of the eye.
Use white or silver eye liner on the lower eye lid from the inner end till the middle of the eye.

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