Eye Makeup for Oval Eye

Oval eyes can be best described as round eyes which are slightly flattened. This eye shape often occurs in Asian cultures and needs to be corrected by giving them more depth. Eyeshadow colors and eyeliners are used in such a way that the eyes look bright and beautiful hiding the flaws.

How can oval eyes be corrected with make up?

Effective use of make up can make oval shaped eyes look proportionate and draw attention to their depth and color. Round shapes can be corrected by use of eye liner to give an elongated appearance.

Use of color for making up oval shaped eyes:

Bold strokes of eye liner and softer shades in eye shadows colors can be used for oval eyes. Lighter shades of eye shadow soften the look of oval eyes.

Colors which suit oval shaped eyes are:

Blue eyes :   Eye shadow in blue, gray, violet shades
                      Eyeliner in blue, black and charcoal shades
Green eyes: Eye shadow in plum, lavender, purple shades
                      Eye liner in shades of dark pink, brown and green
Brown eyes: Eye shadow in green, grey and orangy
                      Eye liner in black, brown and bronze shades
Method to make up oval shaped eyes:

  • The eye brows should be plucked in a flat shape.  The eyebrow should be thin and should extend slightly over the outer end of the eye.
  • Apply eye base over the eye lids.
  • To elongate round eyes, apply eye liner in a bold stroke from the middle of the eye, extending slightly past the outer end of the eye. If the eye liner is drawn slightly past the outer end of the eye, it gives an illusion of elongation and depth.
  • Dab highlighter at the inner end of the eye
  • Use a light shade in the middle of the eye and at the crease.
  • Dab highlighter just under the brow bone
  • Apply mascara on the upper lashes and repeat once again. Two coatings will make the lashes look thicker.
  • Use a thin eye shadow brush to line the lower eye lids with the same light shade of eye shadow 

To try a different look, try drawing cat’s eyes to elongate oval eyes

  • Line the upper eye lids with dark eye liner from the middle till the outer end. Draw the eye liner upwards and out so that it forms an extended curve with the lower eye lid
  • Color the lower eye lids from the middle to the end with a thin line of eye liner
  • Use kohl to fill any gaps between the eyeliner and lash line and smudge
  • Use shimmer shades of eye shadow in the middle of the eye.
  • Dab highlighter on the inner end of the eye.

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I am not a wearer of makuep and was most shocked to say the least when my daughter aged 13 appeared out of her room one morning wearing very thick, heavy and dark eye makuep...I blogged about it and had some very helpful suggestions.My daughter and I spoke about it and for her it came down to peer pressure from friends. It did takes a few weeks for her to feel comfortable enough to stand up to them and now she is virtually makuep free. I have a friend who is a makuep artist who will teach her to apply makuep in a way to enhance her beauty when she feels she is ready for it.The one thing I have been big on is skin care...both cleansing and being sun wise.
by Kanakarajan     25-Dec-2012

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