Eye Makeup Procedure

The eyes are considered windows to the soul and a beautiful pair of eyes is considered a sign of beauty in every culture. There are a variety of cosmetics available to highlight the eyes. Eye makeup can help highlight the shape and colour of the eyes. A basic eye makeup kit should include Concealer, eye base cream, eyeliner, eye shadow, Mascara, eyelash curler, eyebrow brush, and Kohl pencil. Make sure that you choose the approved and trusted products. Here is the step-by-step procedure to make your eyes bright and beautiful.


8 Steps to Beautiful Eyes


1. Pluck the eyebrows in a natural curve. Pluck excess hair between the brows.


2. A small quantity of Concealer should be dabbed with the tip of the ring finger in the under eye area .This can effectively hide dark circles.


3. Smoothen eye base into the under eye area, the eyelids and in the area under the eyebrows. This serves as a foundation for other items of eye makeup.


4. Apply eyeliner with a thin brush. Eyeliner should be first applied on the upper eyelids. Apply in an even line, starting from the inner part of the eyelid unto the outer end of the eye. On the lower eyelid, eyeliner should be applied in a line just below the eyelashes and drawn outwards in a thicker line.


5. If required, the lower eyelid can be lined with a Kohl pencil. A cotton ear bud can be used to smudge the kohl and give a smoky look to the eyes. Kohl pencils are available in a variety of dramatic colors to gel with eye shadow colors.


6. Eye shadow should be applied with a brush to the eyelids. 3 shades of the same color are generally used- the lightest shade at the brows, the medium shade on the lids and the darkest shade at the crease. Care should be taken to blend in the three shades.


7. The final step of eye makeup is applying mascara to the eyelashes. Turn the applicator inside the tube a few times before pulling it out. Carefully run the brush down the eyelashes starting at the nearest point to the eye towards outside. Apply 2 coats as this will make the lashes to appear thicker. Leave it to dry and use an eyelash comb to remove any lumps.


8. Use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes to further accentuate the beauty of the eyes.




Eyes are extremely delicate organs and may become irritated if eye make up contains allergens. It is important that all items of eye makeup be opthalmologically approved and should never be used after the expiry date. If you use eye makeup on a regular basis, don’t forget to use cleanser to remove all traces of eye make up before sleeping.

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