Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery

Ideally, eyebrow transplants are opted for by those who suffer from some disease or the other. Those who suffer from trauma are usually considered for eyebrow transplants. A large number of people who have low thyroid levels or are anaemic tend to opt for eyebrow transplants as the medication that one takes for the purpose of correcting these conditions make the hair on the eyebrows fall out.Those who tend to focus on perfecting the shape of their eyebrows tend to spoil them by over plucking or extreme hair removal. These individuals should opt for eyebrow transplants. Those suffering from TTM or Trichotillomania must also opt for eyebrow transplants. When one suffers from TTM, they tend to pluck at their eyebrow in a manner that is obsessive. If one has undergone chemotherapy for the purpose of removing cancer or a tumor, hair tends to fall out. These individuals must also opt for eyebrow transplants. Other people who must opt for eyebrow transplants include those who inherit problems such as hair loss and thin hair.

The procedure that is following for eyebrow transplants include the following steps

  •  First at least 100 hairs are taken from the hair on you
  •  They are then strategically placed onto the eyebrow region so that the gaps are filled. However, this must be done after the doctor has analyzed and evaluated the direction of the hair growth and is able to place them in a manner that will look natural.
  • A few days after, scabs will form which fall off without any pain. Scarring is rare. However, if your skin is sensitive, it may remain red for a few days. This redness will disappear in no time. If one is overtly sensitive to pain, they must opt for anesthesia.
  • The hair that has been transferred onto the eyebrow region will also fall out after a few days. It will grow back in the same manner and stay that way for the rest of your life.

The limitations of eyebrow transplants are not too many.

The hair that is taken from the head has to be attached onto the skin, which can cause some pain. Another common problem is that the transplanted hair might grow in a direction that you do not like. However these stray hairs can be plucked out and a gel can be used for the purpose of shaping the eyebrow in a manner you desire.

Eyebrow transplants are usually carried out by those who have to go through with it. It is hardly a cosmetic procedure and must not be treated as that. Creating the shape you wish to achieve with the help of an eyebrow pencil is extremely important as you will then be able to achieve the shape that you want. Using an eyebrow pencil that is of the same color as your hair color is important as you will be able to see the exact effect and deduce exactly what you want

If you are unable to decide the shape that you want, you can gain inspiration from actors and famous celebrities. Kelly Ripa, Oprah, Beyonce, Julia Roberts and Katie Holmes are recommended for this purpose.

If you have further questions, you can visit some websites that can provide you with the required information and help you to make the decision. These include 
  • Hair Loss Specialists Webiste
  • The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell
  • NHT Medical Center: Hair Transplant Gallery-Eyebrows

The final decision is yours and you must make it carefully after evaluation and thinking carefully. Even though it is small, surgery must always be carefully thought about before going through with. Before you decide, you must draw out the exact shape you want so that the doctors know exactly what to do.

Having extremely thin eyebrows can be embarrassing for some people and correcting this problem can make a lot of people more confident. In todays day and age, everybody focuses heavily on looking beautiful and perfect. In such a case, if you look anything less than perfect, your happiness starts to depend on your physical appearance. In such cases, it is important to fix the problem so that it does not become an unhealthy obsession

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